2018 Feels

Hello dear long lost friends!

It turns out, that my goal to start off this year with more posting…has failed a bit. Never fear, I have a planner and will literally be penciling in time to blog. I miss it, the cathartic typing and friendships. I do hope your new year, is going well!

So, what has 2018 brought me? So far… in the whole 12 days that is has been:

  • Revived creativity – I used to draw. I used to paint. Hell, even doodling has gone to the wayside. I have always enjoyed art. I remember vividly my elementary art teacher Ms. Epstein I believe (whew that was a long time ago). Anyway, explaining the color wheel, the feel of sketch paper, watercolors overflowing their precious wells by eager kids! I remember tackling clay, which was never my strong point. I ended up just calling it and made a worm, 3rd grade maybe? It’s a little too fuzzy there, regardless she was the only art teacher. I think she was damn proud 😉 jk. Anyway, I have not lifted a paint brush in probably 2 + years? It is time to rebuild my skills, which is terrifying but necessary. I am going to challenge myself to do something creative every week. Let’s hope I can stick to it (so many things to work on haha)!


  • Crisis Counseling – This is something that I HAVE been doing :). It has been a roller coaster for me but I could not be more proud. I am still getting my bearings, there is a lot to learn and I try “studying” or creating little cheat sheets every day to strive for excellence. As you can imagine, it is very different each time that I log on so I try to note as much as you can.
  • Crisis Text Line seems to be popular with the younger humans and to hear their struggles and pain – I just want to reach right out and hug them. We know that I struggle with anxiety, so you could only imagine the first time that I logged on to help *CUE PANIC*. The first one, right out the gate – self harm.This was something that I struggled with when I was younger, so I got IT. My empathetic soul was crushed to hear the pain BUT at the end of the conversation, they were safe. That is what we strive for “moving from a hot moment to a cool calm.” Being there for someone who is on the verge – is soul touching.It is not easy. These topics are tough for people who are “mentally healthy” if that is a thing? I have seen the words or phrases during my time (only like 3 weeks) – gun, hanging, pills, cutting, suicide, trans, disappear, everyone would be better off without me, stress, loneliness, pain, bullying (social media and in person), others telling the texter to go kill themselves, heartbreak and concerns for their own loved ones.Holy feelings – right? The line is anonymous unless they want to share, I think this why they feel comfortable to share things that they would never with friends or family. For all surrounding the texter, they could just be chatting with a friend – but really, they are reaching out for help. It is truly great and the data that comes with it, will help better the world. I love data, if you are interested in US mental health trends by state etc – please take a look at this site: https://crisistrends.org/ .

    You just scroll down, pick a state or all & the crisis type to see where each state lands and how that choice has trended over the years and down to the weekday.

    Additionally,  at the bottom of the screen, you can pick a crisis topic to generate the top 35 words used when people have texted in. For example “anxiety” populated words such as – better, bad, try, friends, mom, anything, trying, need, people & scared.

    Perhaps it is just me, but I am fascinated by the information provided and we continue to build every day.  The plan is to be international – we will be starting the expansion into Canada soon. Sorry for my friends across the sea – we will get there!!

    The case pictured is one of the lines that we use often “you do not need a cape to save lives.” Volunteering has truly reflected this, we do help save lives. It may seem small – but an empathetic ear and resources can go a long way when someone is struggling <– this is in all aspects of life too 🙂 not just on our platform. Being there for a friend or even a stranger can really make a difference.

    – I think I will wrap up this ramble because I could keep going. I did want to drop in and share my experience so far. I will continue to update if you all are interested! My volunteering has taken up most of my evenings now and this is why I am behind!


Until next time❤️,


2 thoughts on “2018 Feels

  1. Buffy Devane says:

    Happy 2018, Katrina… very well done with the crisis counselling — truly worthwhile. 🙂
    Haha like you I’m struggling with creativity, but the year’s not two weeks old yet, so plenty of time… I’m sure, like me, you’ll find inspiration calling you soon. 🙂


  2. Quinn says:

    I’m looking forward to seeing you get back into the art! I am still so impressed by you putting down your own floor that I pretty much believe you are capable of anything. And now you’re a Crisis Deescalator! You’re amazing!


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