Monday Mumbles

Hello friends & happy Monday! I just took a peek at my last post and it has been a freaking month since I posted something in depth. So… I guess you could say I have been struggling. I do not seem to have a real reason for this. Or maybe the list is too long … More Monday Mumbles

Howlin’ Friday

Hello dearest friends! It has been difficult to get motivated when my/our country is just a hot mess. It is almost like I can’t keep up anymore…mildly terrifying. So with that being said, I felt I should share some recent pics of my doggos…because pets fix everything and bring so much cheer ๐Ÿ˜‚โ™ฅ๏ธ. Oh, hi! … More Howlin’ Friday

Human or Titaness

I am not perfect and I never will be. But that is what makes me human. I often overthink and become trapped in my own mind for hours or even days. My confidence wavers at times, even though deep down โ€“ I know I am worthy. Tisโ€™ tragic, but this is what makes me human. … More Human or Titaness

REBLOG: 12 Ways Your Friendships Are Different When You Have Anxiety – Holly Riordan

Reblog from Holly Riordan from Thought Catalog Everyone deals with anxiety differently โ€” but this has been my experience Unsplash / Aj Alao 1. There is always a part of you wondering whether you are annoying.ย But you donโ€™t want to keepย askingย whether you are annoying because you know the question alone can be annoying. 2. Youย overthinkย texts.ย It … More REBLOG: 12 Ways Your Friendships Are Different When You Have Anxiety – Holly Riordan

2018 Feels

Hello dear long lost friends! It turns out, that my goal to start off this year with more posting…has failed a bit. Never fear, I have a planner and will literally be penciling in time to blog. I miss it, the cathartic typing and friendships. I do hope your new year, is going well! So, … More 2018 Feels