Hello dear friends!

Before I get into today’s post..which is a bit intense I want to say – I hope you all are doing well and please feel free to give me a comment to share how you are doing! ❤
I know, slow start to my blogging schedule… I am getting there!

So today’s topic may not appeal to everyone but it has been something that has been on my mind, off and on through out my years and now there seems to be more of an advocacy behind….fertility.

So, what triggered this late night Google search was one of my many “oh shit I will be 30 soon” moments. I was scrolling through my feed when I came across this hashtag #saythefword. Obviously, I was intrigued – for many reasons 🙂 . I cuss like a sailor and well… once I clicked on it, posts came up about fertility. Hello internet rabbit hole… I had to dig deeper. With this kind of hashtag, this is something I can really get behind but I must learn more. What I found was something that put some of my “oh shit 30 is coming and we all know fertility starts to decline in our 30s and i am a wreck in terms of health and don’t see babies happening anytime soon” fears to rest. <- That sounded a bit crazier typed out haha….

Some say, oh you have plenty of time – which holds some truth. During random fits of endometriosis research, it seems that while women’s fertility does decline a little at the age of 30, it seems the real concern will be around 35. So, yes! I have some time but here is the thing, I was told almost 5 years ago, that my best chance to have a child would be right after my endometrioma & endo removal….at 25.

This was just not in the cards for me at the time. While I had to discuss my future plans at that time, it was small scale – aka if it came down to it during surgery, would I want to have children in the future/save ovary etc. ugh. I know I have touched on this before but it doesn’t hurt to do a refresher I suppose, sorry! At that time, I had that discussion with my ex and everything seemed to be fine so, I pushed those fears to the back of my mind for a bit. But now, here I am 5 years later and quite curious about my health. Specially, reproductive health.


Now! Back to #saythefword their site shared a quick graphic of stats from a survey of 1,000 ladies from ages 25-33. The below really got me thinking …

This is such an important topic, for women/couples who want children, those who don’t and alternatives for later in life. Now, I am quite the “fight the stigma” kind and this these results kind of alarmed me – not surprised but more of a concern and this is something that really needs attention. I linked the image to the site if you’re a curious mind like myself. Please go check it out! ❤️

What are your thoughts? Do the results shock you as well? How can we do better? Do you have an experience that you are willing to share?

Thank you for hanging in there with me. I love all of you and hope your start to 2018 is going well!


3 thoughts on “#saythefword

  1. Quinn says:

    I know some Obs/Gynae people and so this topic comes up with more frequency than you would expect (or, quite honestly, hope) at gatherings/weddings/parties/etc. All I can say is that at the grand old age of 31…

    *holds out hand to be kissed like a grand dame*

    … I am still nowhere near ready to talk about the reality of having children. Mostly because I still feel like a child. I KNOW I am not one but God the idea of having kids scares me to death. So. I will continue to put it off another couple of years!

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    • MadKatter says:

      That is interesting – I do not have any obs in my inner circle sadly. I will say, having a child while that Cheeto is in charge terrifies me. Not ready to have a wee one right away but the thought looms (like a storm cloud!) But I think that’s just because of that lovely conversation of “your best bet” was a few years ago. So! Here is to hoping when (hopefully) the US gets a little better?? God help us. I will have a wee one.. or adopt. In forms of doggo or child I suppose 😂😂❤️ I love our chats my lovely grand dame friend!

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