3 dogs = NO ring and other ramblings :)

Hello friends! I feel like it has been forever since I have truly updated you on my life…and you know what, you are over due! Also… sorry! I encourage you to grab your favorite beverage and lets catch up!

  • Veggie Stop & Why I am essentially a “spinster”
    • I am still helping Farmer Don with his veggies but secretly happy that the market season will be over soon for us. I miss sleeping in on Saturdays! Here are a few pictures from the last market!
    • Side Story: While going to purchase some dog treats from one of the vendors…it was brought to my attention as to why I am single…from a stranger (thanks buddy) and this is what that zero filter strange man had to say…

I see you do not have a ring on your finger, I bet it is because you have three dogs… (insert judgy mcfacerton here)

I am sorry, WHAT.


  • Ahem… granted this man does not know what I my ex-fiance/fuckboy/jerk/dating a gal who just graduated high school moron (whatever you want to call him)…did up and leave me and said 2 of 3 pups in December 2015. He has no idea of the back story and the true issues that I have come along the way….and perhaps I may have gained another pupper when I was sad..ITS FINE. WE ARE FINE. The boys that may make their way into my life and in that trust tree, KNOW of the 3 dogs and KNOW that is a package deal…so excuse me…Mr. Peddler of Doggo Treats but this is not how you keep business. HUMPF. Needless to say, I was speechless and still am. HOW RUDE… anyway….
  • House into a HOME!?
      • I bought my house in September 2015, as stated above – I became a single home owner in December of that year. With that being said, my fixer-upper home and its associated projects have moved slower than a snail trudging through molasses.
      • It turns out, I lack carpentry skills and literally have no idea about home ownership and its DIY needs. SIGH. However, with the help of some trust friends…er friend, I was able to finally install my flooring after a year+ of having it sit in my living room! YESSS!!! Finally, getting back on my feet and getting (some) energy to make it my own. See mini progression below! Also… thanks to Honeydukes, I have paint swatches all over my kitchen looking for that perfect color!!!
        • Yeaaa… I have had primer on my walls ever since I bought the house…ahem. I am thinking a green, but I have not found the perfect one for my little house yet. If you see a fab green share!

    This slideshow requires JavaScript.


  • Rabbit Hole Update
    • I am still struggling with these more depression related symptoms versus just anxiety recently. It has been a good while since I have had to fight both sides and it has been wearing me down a bit. Needless to say, I am still rather reclused, still taking the best care of myself that I can (med adherence, vitamins, sleep, dr appts etc), trying to push through it and keep moving. However, I am stuck… I tried reaching out to my therapist for an appointment yesterday morning…I still haven’t heard from her…so there is that. The last time I tried to reschedule with her, I never heard back from her with her openings -.- … I guess we will see what she says….if I ever hear back from her. Perhaps I need a new one!? I just hate to start over with someone else. eh. What do you think fellow warriors? Have you experienced this?
  • Land of the Free..?
    • Perhaps you have all seen that madness that is happening in the US… it is truly disheartening to watch such hatred, anger and pain. You can feel it in the air, hell I have felt a variant of it since election day haha. I know a favorite blogger friend of mine, Quinn at When Do I get the Manual posted on this a bit here. As she is from Ireland, it was interesting to get her perspective – I want to ask all my followers and new friends what their thoughts are on Charlottesville and other happenings in the US currently. Do you share this same level in your country/state etc?

Well my friends, I think this is a good update for now! I hope you all are doing well, I hope to get my ass in gear again soon and be more on top of your comments/emails (@NATALIE VINH DON’T GIVE UP ON ME YET!!! lol) and questions. Hope to hear from you all soon!

Until next time ❤



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9 thoughts on “3 dogs = NO ring and other ramblings :)

  1. Irene says:

    Glad to hear an update from you! I will give you a Canadian perspective. We watch things in the US very closely as it can affect us greatly. As tensions explode over there- we notice it here (there have already been a rise in alt-right-wing tensions here though not to the same degree) – It is hard to watch what is going on- living where I do- we are very frequent travelers to the U.S. as well as that is where my husband works. With everything that is going on in the U.S. we are very happy that we chose to stay on our side of the border to live and raise the kids. Even with all the people that are trying to make noise here- there is still this level of comfort and safety that surrounds us. (For instance, we have Free Speech BUT we have a law against Hate Speech/Groups- a reasonable alternative that some people may not like- but trust me- it comes in handy) There certainly has been a lot of crackling in Canada since our last election- we aren’t at the level the US is- but I know people on all sides… like I said above- what happens in the States does fuel Canada and Canadians and can have great impact on us. We can’t afford not to pay attention.

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    • MadKatter says:

      Hi Irene, thank you – thank you for this comment.

      Before posting this, I was just telling my co-worker that I wanted to pack up my pups and go to Canada to get away from the madness – so this view was great to hear!

      It makes sense that it would impact you being so close, for some reason I was just hoping that it would end at the border but too wishful thinking.

      I love that you mentioned hate speech, it appears to be the big issue here as you can see and I love that you can say that you still have a sense of comfort and safety – that is beautiful and something that you would think would just be – right? I can honestly say, while I knew there was still racism- I never thought I would see things the way they are today…its 2017 right??

      I am very happy to hear that you and your family are there, I could not imagine having children in the US at this time. Put them in bubbles!? I don’t know what would be best at this point.

      Keep safe and I am sending lots of US love your way and thank you so much for this. It helps to understand what others are seeing and thinking while this mess continues on! ❤


  2. Hunida says:

    Congratulations on getting your flooring done in your home!

    I can’t believe that man would say such a thing… maybe you’ll find a dog lover man that will love you and your dogs! He must just hate animals or something. 😭

    I’ve never had a therapist but I hate being ignored so I’d get a new one, if I were you lol. Hope to read more of your posts and ramblings soon! 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    • MadKatter says:

      Thank you lovely!!! The flooring was a lot of hard work. SO glad that it is over 🙂

      The dog treat guy, clearly hates gals with “too many pups” pfft. I must save all the dogs from shelters!!! I can’t help it haha.

      In regards to my flaky therapist. I still have not heard from her and I even sent en inquiry through their general line so now I am pretty upset. I am looking for another one now… how crappy is that!?

      Liked by 1 person

      • Hunida says:

        I’m the same way about cats lol I’ve got 3 so he’d probably hate me, too. 😆

        I can’t believe a therapist would be such a flake!? You definitely should be looking for a new one, even though it will be super crappy, at least you can find someone who is actually reliable. Sorry you’ve gotta go through all that, though. Best of luck! 💗


  3. bexoxo says:

    I grew up right down the road from Charlottesville, and I hate that it now comes with the assumption of hate. I’ve never experienced that level of hate growing up. Never heard about it. Never saw it. And then it made sense when I heard reports that most of the Nazis and alt-rights were from out of state.

    What many people don’t know it that this wasn’t the first gathering of this kind. Since Trump became president, these rallies have been happening almost every week in C’ville, though this was the first one that ended in murder (hence the publicity).

    I just hope things get better sooner rather than later and that the imbeciles who call themselves Nazis/white supremacists/alt-rights go back to their holes and stay there because obviously they’re not wanted and they will NEVER win this fight!

    Liked by 1 person

    • MadKatter says:

      Hey girl, thank you so much for the perspective and showing the real deal about what has been going on.

      Thank you so much for sharing a personal experience of Charlottesville. It is quite sad now that it is associated with hate, it sounds like a great town! I will have to visit one day.

      Can I also say that this is alarming to hear that this was not the first gathering of this kind and the frequency! Since Trump, my little town has shown more of its…..alt right ways, more on displaying flags in front window/outside their homes, it makes me sick. While it is a small town, we are growing with cultures and it saddens me knowing families have seen that. Luckily after many complaints, they are starting to disappear – it was not easy you know with their “freedom of speech” BUT we kept at it and I hope things start to settle too.

      You are right that is seems most were from out of town and sadly, some from my home state here in Ohio! Ugh it is truly embarrassing to see this. UGH

      I am right there with you girl, those effing a**holes can go back in the hole they were in and stay!!! Here is to hoping for some calm and be safe out there in this world! ❤ ❤

      Thanks again for sharing!

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