Hello, it’s me. I am alive!

Hello my fabulous friends! Yes, I know – I legit let a week go by without chatting with you all. I have been slipping here and it upsets me, I will get my butt back on track!

So tell me, what is going on my followers!? I want to hear from you, how are you doing!? Have you tried anything new? Fought a fear? Slayed a dragon!? 

Tell me how you are feeling, basically – I feel out of touch and want to hear from you!! PLEASE!

As for me, I have been feeling a bit low and anxious (yes, its just as confusing as it sounds lol). I even had to take a mental health day from work Friday. I have not been sleeping again… so there is that. Just still stressing about my abnormal pap results. I know, I know – I should not be worried. However, I have to take 3 pills a day to try to tame that anxious beast inside me! Sometimes it is still hard. sigh. So, only 2 more weeks to go before my test…. I can do this … right? Most women have already been here, done that. So, trying to stay calm 🙂

I did try to do some things for me this weekend due to my mood. I love weird shit, I am a weird gal soooo antique/resale shops are my jam! I found 3?? In my little hometown so I went rummaging to find the perfect thing for me! Right? Retail therapy is always great! The only issue, I could not find anything that made my heart just burst out of it’s chest. I tried to find a record player and or soulful records… fail. I did however see a cassette player in the antique store…so I guess we are finally there? I felt a bit old… not gonna lie. So the perfect pick me up gift is still yet to be found, so I hit up my local coffee shop to lift my spirits in caffeine form :).

Outside of my failed rummaging and funk, I helped Caterpillar turn his empty apartment into a homey apartment! Want to test a strength of a relationship? Build furniture together hahaha. Jk jk, we made it out alive and not a scratch or toooo much bickering.

Now enough about me, please fill my comments with anything about you!!! All the things! The good, bad, ugly, sweet, funny, jokes, pictures, feelings – let me hear from you ❤ I will chat with you all soon!

❤ xoxo,



14 thoughts on “Hello, it’s me. I am alive!

  1. iwannabealady says:

    Taking the kids to New York City tomorrow morning for their first time ever! Super excited and a little anxious. It’s going to be so awesome, my heart is fluttering. Welcome back! I am the queen of assembling furniture. The men in my life have the cars down, but I’ll push anyone out of the way for a good furniture puzzle. There have been some really close calls with the stress levels that come with it. Glad you both made it out alive.

    Liked by 1 person

    • madkatter13 says:

      Oh that will be super fun! I have not been to the big city in years! I know they will love it and cannot wait to hear about it :).

      🙌🏻 also kudos to you and the furniture puzzles! I have confidence in my skill set of building but… I have a tendency to have to go back and fix things at times 😂😂


  2. bexoxo says:

    I used to get paid to assemble furniture and Fella knows this, so I take control while Fella keeps the sweet tea comin’. 😀 I’m totally into resale/antique shops! I like to refurbish furniture so those kinds of places are my haven!

    Liked by 1 person

    • madkatter13 says:

      Nice! You go girl! I will admit, while I go in with confidence with the furniture building… I have a tendency to have to retract a mistake lol! Perhaps I should be the sweet tea bringer as well lol.

      I think it’s super cool that you refurbish furniture! While I was rummaging, I kept thinking to myself – hum maybe j should try this. Buuut. The state of of fixer upper house shows that perhaps I should get some trim around my doors and windows before taking soemthing else on lol!!

      Liked by 1 person

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