Extensive Monday Musings

Good morning my friends ❀

I am well overdue for a catch-up session with all of you… and today, is the day!

  • Blog Log
    • Again, I am behind on my comments, replies and loves – I will be catching up on those asap! The goal is to reply to everyone by end of day *crosses fingers.* I love you all! Hang in there with me πŸ™‚
  • Adulting Troubles – AC Edition 
    • Preface: Ohio and I assume many other states suffered from a lot of rain last week. We are talking storms all day, humidity (humidity hair too!), flash floods, worthless umbrellas and raging temperatures in between.
    • The meltdown: Thursday evening, I noticed some moisture on the floor of my living room. Thinking “oh, that silly blind dog must’ve had an accident?” So I start the cleanup process and think – dang that girl peed A LOT…. A little too much… *Suspicious*.

    • The crime scene happened to be by my utility closet so I looked everything over, I didn’t see anything pouring out – whew. Next up, I examined the wall, which seemed to be dry…. Hummm… So I chalked it up to freak accident. I do have an older home with older units and let’s be honest… Weird shit just happens to me. It has always been that way haha.

    • Meanwhile, the crazy Ohio weather had left me with a killer headache from the pressure changes and just didn’t have the energy to think much more beyond the freak accident and getting to bed. So I proceed with paw patrol (tending the pups) then settled into bed.

    • Early Friday morning, I wake up feeling a bit better but as I stroll out to my kitchen (through the living room), I heard a squish, then my feet were soaked…. In the same spot… Now I am really suspicious. I flipped on the light to see a hugggge ring of water/stain/sopping wet area. The groan that emerged from my little body at 6am prob startled the pups and my neighbors… Sorry guys πŸ˜“

    • So needless to say, I was not doing anything else but solving this mystery. First step, calling off work. Step two, find the leak – which turned out to be a tube that connected to my AC which meant…. I had to shut it off. Friends, it was going to be 90 degrees… which it almost reached that btw in my home at one point during this mess. I also had water in the electrical areas so here comes Dog Mom protector mode – WE WILL NOT BE GOING DOWN TODAY MY FLUFFY FRIENDS (I was actually like hyperventilating and not this witty).
    • Step 3 – try to dry everything out due to wet electrical nonsense, fear of mold (horribly allergic) and general survival…SO I had every fan that I owned going full speed, I was swapping out towels trying to dry up as much as I could…then ran out of towels, because laundry during a crisis is just what you want to do… once I got some control of the situation, the next part was figuring out HOW to fix this thing. Soo… I made calls to my father and my mother reached out to her Home Depot friends, which came to the rescue. Once they figured out the culprit – a drain pipe was cracked and the cause of the leak. I assume the excessively warm days was the reason for all the leaking?? Anyway! After obtaining the necessities for drain pipe surgery – which apparently consists of new pipe and plumbers tape (thank jebus it was not something huge)…she was fixed up! Our trial of turning on the AC – which at this point the home was 87 degrees… it seemed to be fixed YAY! NO MORE LEAKING!! While this was a simple fix, it still turned out to be an all day affair and the clean up was still in full swing. I just returned the shop vac to the garage yesterday, while I still have a ugly ring/stain in my living room – it is now officially dried out.
    • I guess now, it is time for someone to rip up my sad ugly carpet and finally find someone to replace it with the flooring that I have had…forever.
    • Lesson learned: If the floor squishes, check the utility closet.
    • img_6035

      Don’t worry Kermit meme, I did. 

  • Veggie for sale! Come and get your veggies!
    • One would think that after that stressful Friday, that I would have slept soundly – that it would take a pan to the head to wake me up, right? False.
    • Preface: My Grandfather, who assisted me when I totaled my car back in December will occasionally ask for my assistance and when he follows up with “I am not sure how much longer I will be around” I  am ready to lend a hand in whatever this 86 year old man needs….even if he is calling at 5:50A on a Saturday… which was exactly what happened.
    • Farmer Don as we will call him, spends his retirement growing his fabulous garden and selling at the Farmers Market on Saturdays. His wife has been ill and could not assist him in slinging said veggies and that is what the mission was. I had to assist him in gathering, set up, selling, tear down and fellow supporter of Farmer Don. FIIINNNNEEE. Nothing sounds better at 6A after the day I had. However, I think – how bad can it be!? It is only for a couple hours.. I can do this! So, being the great Granddaughter that I am, I got dressed, grabbed a coffee energy drink and drove to his home.
    • After everything was picked, we drove in town to claim the “best spot” which we did – HA! Then proceeded to fight the tent, nothing like two little people fighting this thing…when I had not even cracked open my liquid life energy drink, I am happy to report that we prevailed!
    • We did not have a lot to sell, as it is still a bit early in the gardening life – especially with Ohio’s hectic weather (I guess….?) but….apparently people love Farmers Markets. Families like to stroll around with their little ones, puppers, push their babies – buy their veggies, baked goods and random fun finds while cruising the square by 9A on Saturday. I must admit, it was cute to watch and apparently Farmer Don has quite the following, we sold out 95% by the official start of the market. Which led to Farmer Don having to do an emergency corn run. Yes, you heard that correctly. The “sweet bi-color corn” demand was so high – he took off to grab more, while I was left to tend the tables of cabbages…alone with these market goers.
    • Remember, I am an introvert. I typically do not do well in these scenarios and definitely do not volunteer to do them, so I was a bit stressed. Especially since I kill plants and I do not know a thing about gardening. I really did not know bi-colored corn was a thing!? I mean, I did – I have SEEN IT but when the masses are hoovering, throwing out questions regarding these said items – such as CORN – I panicked and still am thinking about it.
    • I am an introvert. I don’t eat veggies. I kill succulents. Pretty much I was the worst person for this job, but I fought the fear and pulled through. Take that anxiety-not today! Perhaps it was the Frosty that Farmer Don and I planned to enjoy at the end of the market that kept me going πŸ˜‰  #fooddrivenimg_6009

  • True Musings, am I mean? – I was informed Friday during my AC meltdown…that I jump to conclusions, jump to conclusions and treat people poorly. I have spent most of the weekend reflecting on this as I try to be as self aware as possible…You know what – I think it’s untrue. Has anyone ever told you these things? How did you handle it? 

If you made it this far, YOU ARE A TROOPER! This post is super long and honestly – seems boring to me? So thank you for being the best reader I can ask for and also finding my life of unfortunate events worth reading – I FREAKING LOVE YOU! Here is your: Awesome Human Star below

Also, you deserve some funny confessions of the week – enjoy!

  • I ordered pizza to be delivered to me 2 days in a row, yes I eat my feelings. Unfortunately, I had the same delivery driver…who made the comment on the second day, ” I was just here yesterday…” YEA BUDDY – SO WHAT! -.-
  • I ate an embarrassing amount of ice cream sandwiches during this time of stress…. prob totaling 8 (prob more..) in two days. Whatever.
  • I also slept A TON. Yesterday, I did not even get dressed. I guess when life throws veggies and AC unit issues at you…along with your raging anxiety disorder, you handle it by napping…. all day Sunday, and partially Saturday. Depressed? Possibly.

    Well my friends, I think that is a good place to stop. I hope you took something away from this excessive post. If anything, know I love and miss you! NOW TELL ME ABOUT YOUR WEEKEND!



    6 thoughts on “Extensive Monday Musings

    1. fraziersracket says:

      I just had the same issue with my AC this summer. It was a nightmare to replace (the AC knocked two holes in my ceiling while replacing the ducts…total nightmare). I hope your replacement is without incident!! And…I’ll take ALL the veggies! I love them! have a great week!

      Liked by 1 person

      • MadKatter says:

        Oh gosh!!! Thankfully my repairs have been pretty simple and going well so far *crossing fingers* – no ceiling damage! I think I would have heart failure to see holes in my ceiling, my friend you are a true warrior! I hope everything is taken care of for you now and happy, hole-less ceiling!? ❀

        Liked by 1 person

    2. iwannabealady says:

      Your 86 year old grandfather is still gardening and slinging veggies at the farmer’s market? What an inspiration! I feel like a total lazy ass now lol. Also, I can’t won’t ever get enough of Kermit memes!


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