Paws with a chance of breeze…

Hello & happy Wednesday friends!

I hope you all are having a good week so far :). I am currently sipping tea to help fight of raging post nasal drip and fight this sore throat from it. #kermitstyle

I wanted to share my Tuesday morning, as it was one of my more challenging mornings and perhaps you will get a laugh :).

So yesterday morning, I woke up to the sound of whiny dogs that needed to go outside. Since I have border collie mixes (all about that herd and/or chase life), I like to peek outside before letting them out – just in case they are inspired by a fellow dog, squirrel or cat. So while I popped my bed head, blurry eyed head outside, deemed the coast as clear – I released the hounds!

It turns out, my sleepy eyes deceived me.

There happened to be a strolling cat across the street, Barley and Sydney decided they wanted to play chase….turns out kitty was not about it. All I saw was paws. Dog paws, cat paws & my paws! Yes, my ill mannered dogs took off across the street to the bad “run-into-your-car-and-not-tell-you” neighbors, chasing poor kitty. Mind you, it is 6:10A, I am rocking bed head, plaid pj pants, no shoes (which became an issue) and glasses – yelling at these fools and start to jaunt towards them…barefoot.

For all the years of “living in the sticks” you would think that I would have more durable feet. I cannot walk on gravel to save my life. I just can’t, I am sure it is an equivalent of watching someone walk on coal & with less grace. My swift feet did not muster up the strength to take on running across the horrid, jagged little spikes (gravel) so I had to run back inside to grab some slip-ons and TRY to run after these ANIMALS.

It was waaayyy too early for this shit. I had not even had coffee 😒.

With my foot protectors on (sexy black clogs), I made sure Ana was safe – at least the blind dog is good! Then I started my mission (take two)….then it happened. First stride out, I felt a cool breeze by my lady parts but I did not think much about it, it was still pretty early and cool and I DID NOT HAVE TIME TO THINK! 


also, the cat & of course scold the pups for running off, they could have been hurt!

I rally the hounds by their collars and with my “mom” voice. With a dog in each hand, safely crossing the street, my pj pants which also had a loose elastic band was half falling down slowly and not to mention, I found the source of the artic draft by my nether regions…. I SPLIT my effing pants. Sorry neighbors…all aboard the hot mess express…🤷🏻‍♀️

That’s right ladies and gents, I split my pants before 6:25A and that is a new record for me. Also, a sign of how the day was going to go. Yes, there it was – high thigh, straight down to my knee, split and flapping about.


I guess that is what I get for trying to be athletic. Note to self, sleep with running shoes on and stretchy pants to allow for movement. I am sure the pups were snickering under their “sad puppy dog face” Uh huh, they knew they were in trouble and also realizing their mother is a mess. I think this calls for a repeat image:

Anyway, since most of my action occurred before even getting dressed, the rest of the day was pretty low key. Work came and went with ease, I dodged the down pour while I waited for the bus and ate cocoa puffs for dinner…2 bowls….like a true adult. I also think I was in bed by 10:30P so there is that too.

I think that is about it for today, sorry for the short post.

Do you have any fun dog stories!? I would love to hear them 🙂

Talk again soon! ❤

Today is dog sh*t…Literally. 

It has been rainy and gloomy all day in Columbus, Ohio. These days just kill me inside, I took my vitamin D supplements like a responsible human and still feel incredibly low. 

I have decided that I am solar powered ☀️. 

Today was one of those days where I felt on the verge of tears and/or panic attack… all damn day. Confusion, sadness and hurt seemed to plague me, loneliness seemed to fill my heart. Rainy days usually allow me to slip into these feelings with ease and shaking them is even harder especially with my boy problems if you will. 

But…I have a mortgage to pay and 3 pups that need kibble in their bowls so – I managed to push through the work day with only a single tear. Thank jebus because if I have one more melt down at work, my co-workers may tie me to that horrible office chair of mine and push me to the closest ward 😉… it’s been a year.

Shuffling in the drizzle to the bus stop, with increasing humidity hair (thick wavy haired girls know what I’m talking about 💇🏻) Donna Summers, look out!  I was thankful the day was almost over and I could curl up in a blanket and cocoon – just had one more task before retreating into my safety nest with my pups.  

Speaking of those animals, Ana my lovely blind dog was due for her shots and yearly yadda yadda 💸. So once I made it home, I wrangled my sweet blind girl into my civic…Finally. She’s a wiggly little gal to say the least 🙄 #blinddogprobs. After the once over: doggo did business-like check,  dog in car – check, purse-check, glance in the mirror to make sure I look like put together dog mom…I see my eyebrows are as wild as my Aussie pups fur…Great. Well like mother like pupper?? Ugh. Natural light – you are just the worst. Anyway, human to drive the car – check. This is as good as it gets. 

So off we go! My vet is only like 5 min down the road, easy peasy. Half way through the journey, Ana starts getting fussy, barking and pawing. I tried to calm her, being born blind it must be stressfull so I tell her it’s okay and we would be out of the car soon….Yadda yadda best dog mom award goes to me. She has never done this before, so that should have been my clue. 

Then it happened, the smell of dog shit hit my nose like a Mack truck.

That’s right, you read that correctly. Horrified I look in my backseat. Dog shit everywhere – check. 

Please excuse my vulgarity but I had a rough day and this was just… shit icing on top of the crap cake day?? 

A minute away from parking at the vet, where grass called to her little paws and may I just say, a much better option to do her business . Luckily, I have one of those hammock/dog things so it wasn’t pawed into my seats 🙏🏻. The smell though…Ugh. 

My life ladies and gentleman. 

So after rushing to open the doors for precious fresh air, I leashed up the little blind culprit and tried to clean her mess. Mind you, we are now late. I’m sure she is just chuckling away in her pupper mind as I frantically try to clean and cursing along the way. 

Finally, we made it. The visit was good – whew.  My little special needs gal is in great health and now protected against parasites and rabies again. She even got some treats! She is so cute I can’t stay mad at her. Especially after a clean bill of health. She was born in a litter of aussies and poor breeding, only two (including her) made it. She’s a trooper and …super pooper. 

The car ride home was uneventful and thank god because – I probably would have had a melt down and no one should have their melt down in a poo smelling car. 

I’m now happy to say that I’m finally cocooning in the safety of my home. I’m still feeling low but I hope my story helps bring YOU JOY 🙏🏻❤️.