Calling all friends/followers/future followers! I am hoping that you can help a girl out by completing this survey!

Hello friends 🙂

I want to learn more about you! If you have a spare few minutes, would you please complete the below!? I would be eternally grateful!


I truly appreciate your time and look forward to reading your answers!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. xoxo, c. says:

    hi!:) I wrote up my responses but am unsure if it submitted properly. if it didn’t work, I’ll be happy to fill it up again. best wishes! c

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    1. madkatter13 says:

      Hello and thank you so much!!! I appreciate you taking the time to complete the survey! It looks like I am missing your submission 😦 I apologize for that. If you would like to try the actual link, you can see it here:

      I hope this works! You should see a “WOO HOO answers were received” confirmation page (or something close to that wording). If you dont see it this time, feel free to leave your answers in comments or email them to:

      Sorry about that! I look forward to reading your feedback! 🙏🏻❤️

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