REBLOG: 37 Good Questions To Ask If You Want To Get Vulnerable With Someone You Love (or blog friends!!)

Hello friends & happy Monday!
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I am feeling a bit uninspired today so I took a peek around one of my favorite blogs – Thought Catalog for an article to share with all of you fabulous people! However, I stumbled across this questionnaire and felt it would be perfect to reblog! “37 Good Questions To Ask If You Want To Get Vulnerable With Someone You Love – By Marisa Donnelly.”

So with that being said, I hope you learn a little more about me and lets get vulnerable!?

**Copied from Thought Catalog from the above links**

Whether a friend, a family member, a significant other, or a life-long partner, these are good questions to ask if you really want to get vulnerable with someone you love and know who they really are underneath the surface.

  1. What’s the scariest thing you’ve ever done?
    • Taking on single life/homeownership/dog mom/responsibility/mental illness in 2015 overnight…literally.
  2. What’s one moment that you wish you rewind and replay 100 times?
    • I legit have no idea….I will keep thinking on this one…maybe it has not happened yet?
  3. When its 3am and you’re all alone, what do you think about?
    • If I am up at 3am, I am probably thinking about EVERYTHING under the sun but also the key portion would be why the fuck can’t I just sleep!!?
  4. What’s one thing about the future that scares you?
    • Of course the uncertainty. I am 29, lemon of a human, never married and 0 kids – outside of the doggos of course. I always pictured that I would have at least one child and married by now for sure. Sadly, that didn’t go as planned haha. So, I guess I am interested to see when the hell that will happen. Outside of that…I know I will be able to face anything :).
  5. Do you regret anything?
    • Not investing earlier in life haha and taking naps/energy for granted as a young Padawan .
  6. What has been your greatest struggle?
    • Same as question 1
  7. What has been your greatest triumph?
    • Keeping my house, my health-ish and keeping the doggos and myself alive as a single gal.
  8. How would you describe yourself to a stranger?
    • I am a bit odd but I have a good heart hahahaha
  9. What are three words that define who you are?
    • Loyal, moral and a bad ass who loves floral! Yea..idk. But these are true?
  10. What’s holding you back from your dreams?
    • That whole money thing…ugh. All I want in life is my coffee house, a beach house and a large home fit for all my doggos – is that so much to ask!?
  11. What’s one thing you’ve never told anyone about yourself?
    • You know, I do not have anything coming to mind here. I have a small tight circle and they pretty much know everything about me, or you all do from my blog!
  12. Have you ever done something you wish you could erase?
    • Of course, I would imagine everyone would have something here. I don’t think I would have bought my house if I could go back. I love having a place of my own. However, surrounding circumstances that led me to the home was not great and still to this day, is still not great.
  13. What do you do when you’re feeling lonely?
    • This is a common feeling for me, but most of the time I do not mind it. I am used to it – yeeeeesh that sounds a bit rough eh!? But if it gets to that level, I will try to be social, reach out to a friend or go out and do something for myself or doggos.
  14. What’s your vice?
    • Oh sweets now. Since I kicked nicotine’s ass, I really enjoy any kind of sweet at this point. Pray for me 🙂
  15. Have you ever been in love?
    • Of course! It is the best and most frustrating thing ever 😀
  16. Have you ever hurt someone you loved?
    • I try to avoid this as much as possible, but I am human and have.
  17. Have you ever been hurt in love?
    • Yes, I assume everyone has  haha. Whether it was your young first love, a spouse and everything in between, being hurt by someone you love hits a deep nerve that takes time to heal.
  18. If you could tell your younger self some advice, what would it be?
    • Life is tough, but so are you – don’t worry about all the shit – you make it out alive! Better than ever 🙂
  19. How has your family shaped you?
    • I am sure, but I feel I shape them more. I am the adult of the family – ugh
  20. If you could only bring three things with you into your next life/Heaven/after life/etc. what would you bring?
    • The perfect pen (that has endless ink), endless paper and a photo album of my loved ones.
  21. If you could only talk to one person for the rest of your life, who would he/she be?
    • Ummm this is impossible to answer, I will think on it!
  22. What’s something you strongly dislike/hate?
    • The hate that I see in the world today, it truly saddens me.
  23. What do you think the word ‘love’ means?
    • Love is selflessness, its ensuring your better half is taken care of even if you don’t feel 100%, its also stealing blankets, compromise, respect and fighting life together side by side. The world is tough, life can be hard and people can try to ruin a good thing – keep kicking ass together.
  24. What do you believe?
    • I believe this world needs to learn to be a little more kinder to the ones next to us. Literally your own neighbors, but also your peers, fellow country men and others across the way.
  25. What is one thing you’ve had to forgive yourself for?
    • For not being where I want to be in life.
  26. If you could relive your life again, what’s something you would change?
    • Finish college and be a little more selfish (less of taking care of everyone else before me).
  27. If you could relive your life again, what’s something you would keep the same?
    • My resiliency
  28. What kind of music do you listen to when you’re sad?
    • I do not listen to music when I am sad.
  29. If you had to describe yourself in one word, what would it be?
    • Erratic?
  30. What is something you like about yourself?
    • My loyalty or my kind heart.
  31. What is something about yourself you wish you could change?
    • While I do enjoy my patient and kind soul…I wish I could stand up for myself more too- maybe through around more sass if needed!
  32. What makes you a good person?
    • I will do my best to ensure my friends, family and SO is taken care of. I will sacrifice for them – always.
  33. What is something you’re insecure about, or like to hide from the world?
    • My lemon  body
  34. Have you ever had your heart broken?
    • Of course, I feel this was already touched on questionnaire!
  35. What’s the stupidest thing you’ve ever done?
    • This list is too long haha. Pre coffee times + sleep deprivation = I do a lot of stupid shit 🙂
  36. What’s the best thing that’s ever happened to you?
    • Realizing that I do not need anyone, I am independent.
  37. What does it mean to truly love someone?
    • Its going into the battle of life with your best friend and not giving up.
      Also, acting silly together, vulnerability and sweaty hand holding 😀

Until next time my friends! ❤


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Re-Blog: Anxiety Makes Me Want To Apologize For Absolutely Everything, by: Kristin Corley (Thought Catalog)

Good morning friends 🙂

While drinking my morning coffee and settling in before catching up on your comments and blogs, I came across this lovely article that just hits home and I had to share it! With that being said, I must say that I just love Thought Catalog’s site/blog? Specifically articles by Kristin Corley ❤️. I am clearly blind and do not see a magical “reblog” button for them, so bear with me while I paste this magical article in! I hope you enjoy the below:

Anxiety Makes Me Want To Apologize For Absolutely Everything – Kristin Corley (Thought Catalog)

“I owe you an apology…” and he questioned why laughing and as my fingers began to type and I tried to explain everything that been going through my head in the past 48 hours, I realized how ridiculous I sounded.

But the truth was it might have been ridiculous but they were still things worrying me. They were still thoughts keeping me up.

And as I tried to explain all of it logically I came to this realization nothing about anxiety is logical.

Anxiety plants these black seeds of doubt in my mind making me question everyone and everything. It makes me doubt really good people because anxiety tells me they aren’t. Anxiety tells me, “you should wonder if they are lying?” Anxiety tells me, “you’ve done something wrong.” Anxiety is what makes me question my self-worth, not people. Anxiety makes up these scenarios in my head and I have no choice but to follow the destructive path it will lead me down.

Next thing I know, I’m apologizing for something that didn’t even cross someone’s mind but my over analytical skills think it’s something.

Anxiety creates solutions to things that aren’t even problems other than anywhere but in my head.

Anxiety makes me feel like I have to apologize for everything.

Apologize for thinking too much.

Apologize for talking too much.

Apologize for texting too much.

Apologize for trying entirely too hard.

Apologize for caring too much.

Apologize for showing it.

Apologize for coming on too strong, if I did.

Apologize for the fact that I apologized.

Anxiety makes me feel guilty for being myself because I constantly wonder if people are going to take something I’ve said or done the wrong way.

Then I beat myself up over the, “What if” scenario.

It’s hard enough accepting who you are and embracing it when the world rejects everything about you. Everyone knows that battle. Everyone has fought it at some point.

But it’s harder when it’s you vs. yourself, in an internal battle that’s all in your head, you want so desperately to control.

You try to control something that’s been controlling you for as long as you remember.

It’s every person I doubt when I shouldn’t.

It’s every worse case scenario that never comes to life.

It’s ruining things before they begin because in my mind I’ve already said or done something to end it. Or I will say or do something eventually.

Anxiety makes me look at my reflection and question everything I see.

Anxiety makes me want to hide who I am because I truly hate it sometimes.

I hate staring at a phone wondering why someone hasn’t answered and rereading every word to my previous text and wondering what they are thinking.

I hate wondering if I’ve done something in the past because anxiety doesn’t let me forget my mistakes.

It brings them up every so often reminding me of the time I messed up. And even when people have forgiven me, I still haven’t forgiven myself, regardless of how much time has passed. Anxiety makes me want to say sorry a hundred times just so the person knows.

I hate staying up at night questioning things I’ve done in the past and worrying about things that haven’t happened in the future.

I hate always worrying about things.

I hate being out in public because I’m in my own world sometimes. Physically I’m there but in my head, I’m not.

I hate the moments where I need to break down, only it isn’t the appropriate time to.

And I hate not knowing when something really little will set me off.

I hate the anxiety of being late even though I know everyone said not to get there on time.

I hate the worrying what people think because as much as I try and play like I don’t care, I really do.

Anxiety tells me, no one likes me and here are 50 reasons why.

Anxiety makes me want to apologize for all of these things.

And when you first meet me, you won’t notice this is what I’m like.

I’ll hide it behind nail biting and tapping and excuse myself in public. I’ll hide it being listening instead of speaking. I’ll hide it behind a busy schedule and always doing things. The truth is if I’m busy I’m not thinking too much about anything other than the task at hand. At first, I’ll do everything to hide it.

Hide the fact it took me 30 minutes to make a decision weighing out every pro and con. Hide the fact it takes me two hours to get ready because in my head everything looks awful on me and anxiety tells me so. Hide the fact I have minor panic attacks if I’m late to something or if I’ve overslept. And how something so little can change a day that’s hasn’t even begun yet.

I’ll hide the fact I’m exhausted because I didn’t sleep last night thinking about something that may never happen.

And as you get to know me, you’ll begin to see how much anxiety plays a major role in my life.

And when you realize the truth, you’ll realize what I’ve had to live with most of my life. I’ll apologize for being this type of person.

I’ll apologize if it’s something you can’t second-hand deal with because there are times I can’t deal with it myself.

But at the same time, I can’t change it.

At the same time, I know I’m always going to live with this thing that dictates a lot of my life.

So I’ll always say sorry.

I’ll be sorry for the things I do and the things I don’t. But through your acceptance and understanding of something I’m still struggling to understand myself, comes a love for you and all you are.

Only lately I’ve begun to realize, you don’t have to love everything about yourself before someone else does. Sometimes it takes someone loving those bits of yourself you reject, sometimes it takes hearing someone say it’s okay to be like this. It’s only then you begin to accept yourself for all you are but more than you realize, you don’t have to be sorry.


I hope my fellow mental health warriors enjoyed this as much as you did and if you have not checked out Kristin’s articles – I highly recommend them (check the links in beginning of post)!

I hope everyone has a wonderful day! Do you have anything special going on? I plan on catching up with all of you and hopefully finishing a long and open post for later today.

Talk to you soon!❤️