Wellbutrin Wednesday Rambles

Hello friends! I hope your Halloween was fabulous and filled with tasty/spooky treats! Now, November is here? That means more potential family time is on the horizon - brace yourselves haha. Here is an update on all things me: Health Psychiatrist Good news all, I finally saw my new therapist this past Monday. I know... Continue Reading →

Monday catch up ☕️

Good morning and happy Monday friends! I have been AWOL & for that I am sorry - it is allergy season and let me tell you - it has been kicking my butt. I slept 90% of Easter Sunday away and was still late to work today. Let’s see… what has been going on in... Continue Reading →

My Life in Pictures :)

Hello friends! Since I enjoyed sharing some of my pictures of my pups, I wanted to show you more! I have been rummaging through my Google Photos to find some of my favorites that remind me of my crazy day-to-day, Ohio and other random things that I decided to take a photo of. I hope... Continue Reading →

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