Human or Titaness

I am not perfect and I never will be. But that is what makes me human. I often overthink and become trapped in my own mind for hours or even days. My confidence wavers at times, even though deep down – I know I am worthy. Tis’ tragic, but this is what makes me human. … More Human or Titaness

Tuesday Thoughts

Hi Friends!Lets do an update shall we!?   Crisis Counselor Training Bound! That is right! I have been feeling rather blah here lately and I wanted to give back to the world in some way. So I began my search…which was very easy thanks to So down the rabbit hole I went, creating my … More Tuesday Thoughts

Manic Mumbles

Hello friends! Soo something hit me like a rake to the face yesterday – for the first time in a good while, I had a manic episode…. yikes. Which manic depression is something I am very familiar with because you know, I was diagnosed with it before it switched to the not so new-ish formal … More Manic Mumbles