Holy life update 👸🏻

Hello all!

So much has changed since my last post. I/we made it through the holidays, just started getting cozy and then BAM pandemic. I hope everyone is staying healthy ♥️

Sprinkled in that time frame, I really went to a dark place. My depression hit hard and I’m slowly crawling back up that deep hole. I am happy to say, there has been progress. Still working on it…but progress!

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  • Endometriosis
    • I stopped Orilissa almost a month ago. I was afraid of the pain that may follow or “losing it” since I would be coming out of pseudo-menopause… But so far… It’s been an easy transition.

    • In preparation for going off of Orilissa, I did something that I never thought I would…got my medical marijuana card. Now, normally I am not one to partake in the lovely mary jane. Past experiences sent me straight into panic attacks – horrible ones. SO needless to say, it has been 15ish+ years?? and I was a fish out of water, I still am! I did as much research that I could before making my appointment & I felt that since I had more control over THC/CBD levels, it was worth a try. An expensive gamble, but I am very happy that I did. 

      I was in pain before Orilissa, I read that it typically comes back soon after and I did not want to lose out on more of my life. Here’s to taking control right? 

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      HEAR ME ROAR! 😀

      Since I am the newb of all newbs in this area, it has been some trial and error. I am not sure why we cannot get a damn sample of items/bundle for first-timers, it would really help the pockets and experiences – yeesh.

    • I need to tell someone with authority about this!

    • ANYWAY, I have found it to be helpful. Granted I am not going for high THC and not looking for that kind of high so some may not think it is worth it. For me, it def helps take the edge off my pain when needed, less nausea so I can eat more regularly and absolutely helps my insomnia. Currently, I am taking several daily prescriptions to help with these various ailments and my goal is to get off most, if not all of them. So it is worth it to me and that is all that is important. I will say tho – edibles are not for me, not even the baby ones. It was a terrible experience and will never do that again haha. Vaping flower, cartridges, and topical lotions have been given me the best results. If anyone has any questions about this, I would be more than happy to help in any way that I can! Ohio is still pretty strict and I am still learning but hey, we got to start somewhere. 

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      Mental Health
      • As I mentioned, I was in a dark place but I am seeing some change. Maintaining boundaries has been a change but so worth it. Staying strong tho… I just have to remind myself on the low days… that I fucking go this.

        Additionally, I have been trying to actually check things off my “to-do” list. All million of them it seems lol – from home, vehicles/moto & work. Organizing my home has become more of a priority again – so here is to some serious spring cleaning! Living alone with chronic conditions can be very difficult – without an extra human to help me, I have experienced some struggle there. Maybe one day I won’t have as much weighing on my shoulders :D. 

        I have knocked Zoloft off my script list now and I am SO happy to only be on ONE psych med now. VICTORY! I hope this continues so I do not have to go back on it *crosses fingers*

        Something happened recently that put me in the best mood… MY FIRST MOTORCYCLE RIDE OF THE YEAR! YES. Sunshine and wind therapy – I hope to get as much as I can. Hopefully with some new friends as well.

        Speaking of...as I get older, meeting people is so awkward. Does this have to do with me? Absolutely, I am stuck in my ways – I am a weird big kid and having to start over and open up to new people/friends/colleagues – it’s just too much. PLEASE give me any advice that you can! 32 is legit a month away and not getting easier haha. SEND HELP



This was quite the ramble, it is now 2:45A so…I am hoping this makes SOME sense and that you enjoyed my little update. I am really going to try to do this more – I know I have said it before, but it is on my list!

I truly hope everyone is staying home, enjoying time with pets &/or family and staying safe! Please let me know how you are doing! It has been wild out there 😦

Until next time

❤ Kat



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