A hysterectomy is not as casual as ordering your morning coffee.

Hello friends<3

I hope the weekend treated you well and I wish you a wonderful week! Also, I would like to send some extra love out to everyone for the Holiday – may everyone in your family behave and the delicious food never end :).

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About that whole “people behaving” thing…

As many of you already know, or if you are new here – I struggle with endometriosis. It is something that has plagued me for so long and as I get older, it just gets even more complex – God help me. 

Endo brings sooo much shit into a warrior’s life. On any given day, we deal with pain, stigma, medical community, bloating, clothing sizes, mental illness, relationship struggles, places of employment and something that has become more common as I get older… people’s opinions on my womb.

At this point, I cannot tell you how many times that I have heard the below and just as casual as spitting out their daily coffee order…

“why don’t you just get a hysterectomy?”  or my favorite “why don’t you just get that shit out?”

Ummm. This is a lot to unpack so I feel a list coming on…

  1. To date, there is no cure for endo. NONE. Taking my uterus out is not a guarantee to be symptom free – as much as we all wish this or anything would!
  2. Endo already feels like a direct hit on femininity/womanhood/worth…asking someone to just take away any chance at having their own family (when you know that is all they want) is harsh. It hurts and while it may seem like an “easy decision” for some, I can assure you, that it is not for everyone….because you know, your symptoms can still be there after
  3. This is a major surgery. Cutting someone open is a risk by itself, let alone removing organ/s. Oh & lets not forget about time off work for recovery and the cost
  4. Odds are…we currently are and have been trying everything under the sun to find relief – medication, balancing on one leg while flapping our arms, repeating mantras and comments like these…ones so personal – can make some feel like we aren’t trying hard enough or that we choose to be in misery

So I guess what I’m trying to say is, it’s just not that easy. Life is not that easy and removing organs should not be taken lightly. I know that I have read where a hysterectomy has helped some endosiblings and I’m so happy that it helped them or that they found some relief…if even for a little while.

But I’m just not ready to make that decision yet. Having a family is all that I ever wanted, it’s just figuring out how when the time comes. With or without my uterus.

WHEW. If you made it this far, congrats! This was a heavy one. So….If you happen to over hear some personal questions getting thrown at for poor family member this week, maybe try to throw them a life line and redirect the conversation or save them ♥️ I know that they would appreciate it.

Much love to everyone! Stay safe and until next time!



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