Surviving the winter apocalypse and the revenge of THE endo.

Hello friends!

I hope everyone is doing well. Especially if you were hit with snow and severe cold temps last week. It forced me to step up my lazy homeowner game – yikes.

Ah, yes. Living alone (with 3 pups) is lovely. That is right, lady of the house – hear me roar! Kinda…it turns out when the windchill gets to be around -30 degrees, you have to take precautions with pipes and things? I am happy to report that I made it through without any issues – whew. My work on the other hand… had a water line break and flooded my floor. Get it together people, yeeesh 😉

Anyways. Besides shoveling snow and trying to herd my snow dogs inside, I have been taking it as easy as possible (outside the above statements). Unfortunately, I have been having some increased endometriosis pain for over a week now, the kind of pain where looking at a pair of jeans makes you wince #yogapantsonly).

Which sucks because, most of last week (a little better now) Tylenol (child’s play), the heating pad and general out cries were not helping. Sadly, I did not have anything stronger. Sigh.

I made it through. 

There was a point where I was in so much pain and agitated that I just had to keep moving around, so needless to say – I got some cleaning done.

Is this a weird me thing or do others have this too? I would love to know.

While I did not have the best mental state, I was able to keep it together without a full blown meltdown – so that is good! Right? It is the little things.

*cue Kelly Clarkson – Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You)*

Fellow endo sisters and others who have chronic issues – we know the drill. If we get to a point where we go to an ER – one or two things happen (in my experience):

  1. You will have to wait forever, go through a few tests, poked, prodded and all to end up being told “nothing is showing up” and theeeen they take all your monies.
  2. They will essentially call you an addict trying to get pills. Yup that has happened to me, when I had a few visits over a few months? Fucking rude.

So, I did not end up going that route. The last time this happened, the song and dance of tests/exams – it was suggested to have an exploratory laparoscopy. Unfortunately, I may just have to give in to that damn double edge sword.

*stares off into space* I wonder what is like to NOT have medical bills? 


Perhaps it is time to try acupuncture? Any thoughts???

I have been tracking everything in my bullet journal – yes! I am staying consistent in my logging. I may not have found the perfect “layout” but at least the info is there.

Welp. That is about it for now. It has been rainy and it is time for tea and perhaps a nap?!

Until next time, take care!
❤ Kat

ps. I need a new heating pad cover – has anyone purchased one!? Popular question, I know.

pps. How does endo impact your relationships – if you suffer from this too?




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