Penny for your thoughts: Feminism & Nudity

Hello everyone! I hope you are having a great week so far, I love and miss you of course!

I have had soooo much flying through my head this past week and I am working on a longer post for later. In the meantime I wanted to get your thoughts so please fire up my comment section – all views welcomed of course. Here we go:

While scrolling the endless feed – looking at you IG explore page. I have to say that more often than not, I see the following: implied &/or straight up nudes from activists and models/”models,” celebrities and even someone you may know personally. I am all for supporting my ladies but I wouldn’t mind more puppy videos?

Anyway, this has been a hot topic before but I am just now really getting around to it. I see that the trend in the captions is – for feminism.

Now, I feel in my random scrolling and skimming that essentially this can go 2 ways (please list others if you have another) and they are:


YES! This is my body, my choice and this is empowering (for many reasons).


NO! Women should not have to resort to showing your body. We have to get away from objectifying our bodies and should be a better role model for the younger generation.

What are your thoughts? Do you think women posing nude is more for feminism or no? Depends on case? Exceptions?

Please respond in the comments and share this post! I would love to get as many opinions as possible!


5 thoughts on “Penny for your thoughts: Feminism & Nudity

Add yours

  1. Personally- I think every photo is situational and every reaction is based on interpretation. Some women find it empowering- even freeing- to pose nude… others may feel more sexual or be seeking attention- others may just be looking for popularity and likes- some may just want to say ‘**** The Patriarchy- Here’s my boobs!’…. and it all lays with us how we interpret it. It is all subjective and can’t really be painted with a broad brush. I know that it has crossed my mind to pose nude a few times- who knows, I may even get tasteful photos done- not for attention but because I think for me it would be empowering. I like the idea of doing something that would shock, irritate but also give me that feeling of empowerment being comfortable with myself and my body and even inspiring others not to feel bad about themselves.

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    1. Hello Irene! Sorry that I am so late getting back to this. I want to thank you so much for taking the time to share your opinions. I love your statement of “I like the idea of doing something that would shock, irritate but also give me that feeling of empowerment being comfortable with myself and my body and even inspiring others not to feel bad about themselves.” this made me want to stand up and clap! I have also considered getting some done as well…hummm. Maybe one day too 🙂 You brought me great insight as always ❤ I hope you are doing well!

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  2. I think that the intention behind it is what decides whether or not it’s empowering, really. Is it done because the girl wants to pose nude? Because she thinks her body is banging and why not? Because she’s proud of her body? Because she feels like it? Because it’s Monday? Go for it!

    Or is it done because she feels insecure? Looking for validation outside of yourself isn’t very empowering.

    Nontheless that’s not always something you can tell from the outside, so I think if you wanna let it all hang out, go for it. One quick look at the comments on Kate Beckinsale’s latest sexy dress photo on IG show me that there are AWFUL people out there waiting for any chance to tear a person down, so I will support the choice to wear nothing just to drown out that crowd….!

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