Monday Motivation & Self Care

Hello my friends and happy Monday!

Since it is Monday and if you are like me, you are on the struggle bus. Perhaps…the conductor…ok, I am the conductor. Let’s talk about things that makes us happy. For example, self-care.

Such a popular phrase these days, right? But it is true – taking time to reset your mind and body is necessary at times.

I want to know what you have done for yourself lately?

If nothing comes to mind, then you are over due my friend! It is time to put you first, at least for a little bit :). My self care has been burrito-ing (yes that is a thing) which is rolling up in a blanket, as you can imagine lol and coloring. Yes, I have colored into 4am this past week.

Helllo insomnia, my old friend. This was on a weekday even…#rebel or insane. Take your pick.

I bought a new set of markers, those fabulous alcohol based ones, that blend ever so well. Basically, its heaven. I am trying to perfect coloring with them & the brush tip. It has been…interesting. My Wellbutrin shakes maaay cause an issue from time to time -.-.

It’s true. I may go outside the lines here and there. I cannot help it! Sigh. Side note: you should have seen me try to paint my fingernails the other day… WOW. Looks like this girl is going to have to leave it to a professional perhaps.

ANYWAY let me reel this back in. I would like to hear your ideas of self care. What do you do to help calm that soul and bring inner peace? Share below!

Take care all and I hope you have a great week!

Until next time,
Kat ❤

9 thoughts on “Monday Motivation & Self Care

  1. Irene says:

    I had a really bad week last week. I went to the book store and bought a writing course workbook to help me distract me and benefit me with my novel writing…after that I made a spontaneous trip to my hair stylist who helped me go platinum blonde and give me a fresh new look.
    I figure there are some things in life I can’t control… but my hair? I am in the drivers seat with that decision and it makes me feel good.

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    • MadKatter says:

      Irene, I LOVE this! I’m sorry you were having a rough time, I have a tendency to go to the book store when I’m down as well. I could get lost there for hours.

      In regards to hair, this is really liked. You’re right! Hair, you’re completely in control. I haven’t got color in a while but have considered it lately. How are you feeling with that platinum blonde?! 👸🏼

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      • Irene says:

        I am loving the hair. I even had her cut my bangs into that blunt look- so I have my flapper hair again. (I have been growing my hair out of a pixie cut) – I am always changing my hair. It is my ‘go to’ for bad times. (or just to make me feel good!) lol


  2. Tom Schultz says:

    Self-care you say? Well, Kat, here’s a blog I follow that you may like. From a young, female psychiatrist who writes about that. And what do you know? She also has a post about that endo word that I could never pronounce in a hundred years. She also has a Facebook page where she posts more often than WordPress.
    No green in Michigan yet. Grrrr!

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    • MadKatter says:

      Hi Tom! Yes, very little green is still in my flowerbed beds but, we just had snow. What is that about?! Warmer weather and sunshine can be too far away…. Right?!

      Thank you kindly for the blog suggestion, this gal sounds right up my alley😊. Yoda best! Keep warm my friend!

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