Just another manic Monday!

Hello friends & happy Monday!

Grab a beverage of choice while we catch up ❤ I just cracked open a fresh Canada Dry Ginger Ale – look out all!

  • DOGGONE IT – So…the past few weeks have been filled with dog days, literally. My blind pup was very ill and vomiting blood like… two weeks go? Turns out she some bleeding gastritis thing…? Needless to say, it was terrifying. It appears the little blind one must’ve got into something – this is still a mystery. I am happy to report Ana is back to full health… so much that her healthy eager self got into a bit of a territorial spat with my oldest pup Sydney this past weekend. I have not really slept, I am going to be honest. It was a pretty rough (ruff?) fight. Sydney has a wound in her ear, lip area, scratch on her nose and a hell of a wound on her dog elbow?

Basically, I am expert level doggo nurse at this rate.

So I have been cleaning the wounds, keeping the kids at bay and running on E. Because, I don’t know about you but when something is wrong with my pup, I basically do not sleep and check to see if they are breathing and doing okay…. like every hour.

Actual footage of me breaking up pupper fights.


I know… prob a bit overkill but, this is me. 

I am hoping to get Sydney into the vet tomorrow. She has one wound that is not healing up well, so cross your fingers and send some love/healing vibes this way please! ❤

  • BROKEN TOE, BROKEN SPIRIT – To add into the dog-disaster that I have going on. During the last tiff of the ladies, I broke them up and believe I broke my toe in the process. Now, I have never broken…anything. Which is impressive with my clumsy self and years of dirt bike riding. However, judging by the swelling, color and pain that radiated from said toe… pretty sure it is/was broke. I don’t care what you say urgent care, I should not still be having pain from “contusions” 3+ weeks later. Ahem.  But hey, what do I know…


  • ROAD TO WELLNESS – I have been trying to keep a better eye on what the hell I ingest in my body, conscious of moving more and trying to cut back on sugar. So far, I am proud of my progress. I.. cannot seem to quit sugar but I am trying. I drank a bottle of water today and exercise here and there…so you know, baby steps! More to follow on this! *I hope*
  • THERAPY – Things are still going well with my new psychiatrist. I think I am in a weird phase of life for her to really get down with me if that makes sense. However, I see her about once a month. We have awkward pauses still but we will get there. I appreciate all she has done for me so far. Specifically, my medication regimen.
  • ADULTING FRIENDS – I was invited to lunch yesterday from a long time friend. I knew where this was going by the “I have big news to share!” As someone who has gone through the same shit as me, I am happy for her – she is engaged :). I did not even drink at the lunch, look at me – such a good friend! Mildly envious but, truly happy for her. I also have the honor of being a bridesmaid – first time for everything eh!? God help her…or me?

    Another friend shared that they are expecting a baby boy. So basically that means, they get a baby Yoda costume and will like it. They prob think I am kidding… I am not. Yes, I realize not everyone is as geeky as I am…but…just look at it, how can you deny it!?

So most of my friends are getting married, having babies, thinking about babies and I am stuck with a broken? toe and unruly dog children LOL. It’s fine. Everything is fine *nervous laughter*.

  • ALL BY MYSELF – A lot of my time is now filled up by taking care of my home, all alone now. You see, I had some house guests – some stayed longer than anticipated (mother) but everyone is gone. Tis just me and the pups and I must say – running a home by yourself is more time consuming than I anticipated. BUT this is what I wanted and while the struggle is real sometimes, I do love the solitude.
  • CRISIS LINE – Is still going well, I have been a little behind with all the bs of dogs, life and allergies but I still get to help kiddos in need and I even received awesome feedback last week – YES!! It is a great fucking feeling.
  • ME VS SPIDER AND THE REALIZATION THAT MY DOGS ARE CATS – I want to end this post on a funny note. By funny note, I mean terrifying. The other day, I was filling up my lovely doggo’s autofill water bowl. You know those ones with the little tanks that screw in? Well, it turns out the near-empty bowl had an inhabitant. Yes. This 8 legged, hairy, brown, hideous fuck JUMPED out of I HAVE NO IDEA where on to my hand while I  was holding said little tank under the faucet. To which I screamed bloody murder, threw the semi-filled plastic jug into the sink, causing a louder than expected bang… all while jumping AND grabbing the sprayer in hopes to flush this low-life, non-rent payer down the drain! The moment when I realized my dogs were cat-like and did not care about MY wellbeing, was while this was going on, they were feasting upon kibble behind me. I obviously looked back to make sure no one saw the spectacle that just took place because you know…like there was another human there to laugh at me? No, just 3 dogs and one is blind. But I looked anyway and you know what, after the loud bang, my shrieking, cursing, and blasting of water…they did not break pace. I got a little side eye mid-chomp from Sydney but…they just kept right on going. Who cares if I died, right? Who cares that I had a fuzzy creature on my hand. *cue PTSD from the brown reculse bite of 08?*

Welp, I think that is all my fellow friends. How have you been? Have you had sunshine and warm weather where you are!?

Until next time!


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