Catch up & 2017 Review

Still have not seen Star Wars -.-

Hello my friends! You probably forgot who I am, that is okay – I did too :).

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday and perhaps you are still taking time off to enjoy it! As you should, you deserve it! My holiday was very low key – my Christmas was breakfast at my fathers, there was mention of the Foul Fowl (rip) but I was back home in no time. I spent the rest of the day living off warm spinach dip, buckeyes and pork. Basically, I cooked more in one day, than I have in a month hahaha. The buckeye process turned into a beer drinking/buckeye making ordeal towards the end… Ahhh life is good.

Guys, its almost 2018. I am not sure where this year went, as I am saying more as I get older. Blast you elders that spoke those lines to me as a younger, naive gal! So as usual, I reflected on this while you know, my furnace was being worked on, because you know – why wouldn’t my furnace act up when its like 17 degrees outside? This is my life ladies and gents and also my Christmas present from said house…. still not over that but happy to report that I have consistent and warm air now *crossing fingers*

ANYWAY back to 2017 – I am proud of a few things for this year:

  • Friends – who have been there for me no matter what (it has been a rough 2 years?) – especially lookin‘ at you Honeydukes & of course ALL of my blog friends too ❤
  • Blog – I started this blog in February, so almost a year now – w.t.f. While My views and posts have gone down, this is something that I am still very proud of and hope to get it back into high gear after the new year!
  • Home – still a homeowner, I kept my shit together another year as a single dog mom homeowner – YES!
  • Strength – while I am still working on this one, I am definetly stronger than I was before – I am a WOMAN HEAR ME ROAR!
  • Crisis Counseling –  This I am so proud of and I could not have done it without the help of my close friends and their references. They took me in, trained me and now I am a baby chick if you will – trying to help younger people. My heart does break for these little souls but I will be strong for the both of us. It truly makes me happy.
  • Mental Case – well, I had a long depression spell and I am still currently climbing out of it. I lost my therapist of 2 years, gained a new one and still in that weird “get to know you” phase. It’s hard to explain. However, she has helped me feel more awake and alive with the med adjustment – so that is something I am grateful as well..I am still here too!
  • Matters of the Heart – roller coaster, that is legit the best way to sum it up. However, I know my limits as a person and I will stand my ground when needed and that is something that I don’t think I would or could have done in previous years. So, growing :). Baby steps but, I am getting there.


So, I made it out alive…so far – there are few days left! Please share your thoughts on this past year. What stands out to you!? Do tell PLEASE!

Until next time,




12 thoughts on “Catch up & 2017 Review

  1. Tom Schultz says:

    Good to see you back in the blogosphere, Kat! Are you in southern Ohio also caught in the icy grip of the dreaded Arctic vortex? Not that we’re c-c-cold here…oh no, not at all. My tramps through the woods are brief, indeed, these days. 😦

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    • MadKatter says:

      Thank you Tom! Still a little later than I wanted but hey, I will get better. I am in central Ohio, so I did get some of that snow…and currently getting some nasty weather too! I am all cocooned in and plan to stay that way. How are things up North? Any tramps through the woods during brief stints of “warmer” weather? ❤

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      • Tom Schultz says:

        Hi Kat, I can truly say that I miss your posts when you’re absent from my blog reader. Cocooning sounds like a good strategy in nasty weather like today. But, when the wind dies down and the sun comes out, I’m off to the woods. It’s funny, I’ve lived in the Midwest for a long time, but this winter for the first time I really enjoy getting out in Nature during the winter (just for brief stints, though–I’m not into frostbite!) I’m thinking of going to northern Michigan for a weekend when the days get a little longer.


  2. bexoxo says:

    My heat pump has decided to ready itself for permanent retirement too. It has been fixed temporarily, but the suggestion was made that an impending $7,500 new pump would be needed. Oh joy! What would life be without these so-called hiccups??

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    • MadKatter says:

      Sorry for the delay, you get it! I am so sorry about the heat pump!!! It is painful to see those numbers right? Looking at a new furnace was right around there as well. Sigh, perhaps we need to find a money tree!! I hope you are keeping warm, I have a temporary fix as well. Crossing fingers that I make it through lol. Hope you are doing well my friend! ❤

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  3. Quinn says:

    2017 hasn’t been a stellar year in terms of personal productivity for me but I’m hoping that just means I have room to improve in 2018! I did have some pretty great milestones so I should focus on those probably rather than my failings… I hope 2018 is your best year yet and I hope you are justifiably PROUD AS PUNCH of all the hard work you’ve put in (physically and psychologically) this year! All the hugs to you and the fuzzballs

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    • MadKatter says:

      I feel the productivity part, that means we are going to CRUSH 2018! Right?! *nervous laughter* I hope your 2018 will be your best yet as well, you have your little fam including those beautiful fuzzball kitties!! I look forward to our friendship and watching your adventures as we stumble through this thing called… adulthood 🙂 <3<3 The pups loved all your hugs that I gave them, so much that they are exhausted and now sleeping 🙂 ❤


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