Hello my friends ❤

I hope you all are doing well, had a wonderful holiday and following week. It has been a bit crazy lately so I wanted to pop in to say, I am still kicking and to post a quick update ☺️

The Good:

– I have officially finished my Crisis Counseling program 🙏🏻. I am scheduled for my first shift next Sunday! It has been hard work, but I am looking forward to helping others. I think it will be good for my soul too.

– I survived Thanksgiving 🦃. My family is not too close and holidays have been tough over the years due to split family and my lovely seasonal depression. So, I was adopted in by Honeydukes for the day and had a lovely, normal and fabulous holiday.

– Wellbutrin has helped me tremendously. Of course the adjustment period was a bit rough but I am living a more “normal” life. You know, like not lying in bed all the time. I am actually maintaining a household and myself for the first time in a while. It is amazing how knowing/saying that “I went to the grocery store versus going home to bed” is a big deal and achievement for some. Depression is a hell of a bitch and life sucker. I also have cleaned my work desk and stayed on top of my duties there for the first time in a while, my head feels clear to do so. #adultaward

– My “not so lady lump” has officially disappeared. Thank goodness.

The Bad: – Wellbutrin still causes some shakes and some sleep disturbances but I am figuring it out. Sadly, I have to cut back on my caffeine intake so I don’t shake like a leaf and so I can actually sleep 😐.

The Ugly: – The foul fowl is no longer an issue… ahem.

That’s about it as if right now, I should be more active now that I do not have weekly assignments 🎉 .

How was your holiday friends? Are you decorating for Christmas?

Until next time,Kat

2 thoughts on “Update

    • MadKatter says:

      Honeydukes is a sweets shop in Harry Potter! She may be a fan and so I dubbed her Honeydukes! 😀

      I am sorry that there will not be another update on the Foul fawl! While I hated him, I will admit – I was a bit taken back when I heard the deed was done. Bitter sweet hahaha

      Liked by 1 person

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