Things I Wish I Could Tell To My Younger Self

Hellllo blogosphere!
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I missed you all 🙂 I had a bit of a breathing issue last week – suspect allergic reaction/asthma/testing was unknown cause of trouble breathing… so I have been resting and I can say that I am officially more lively and only use my inhaler once a day now versus every 4 hours – whew! Obviously, it is always something with me in the health world, sigh. If only we came with a warranty…

Anyway today’s topic is a fun one – focusing on things that I would have told my younger self – some funny and some more serious, I am hoping it is a fun read that you all will enjoy and please feel free to add you own “things you would have told your younger self” in the comments below! Here we go…

  • The bellybutton piercing is a bad idea
    • Yes, I know it seems like it could be something fun, a bit rebellious and something to spend your hard earned Panera money on… but soon enough you will get tired of snagging that steel object on things and you WILL take it out. The kicker? You will be 29 and left with an odd tunnel in your skin that collects things… because guess what? despite what that piercer said….it never closes. Yes it did shrink, but it is still there…staring you down still….and you are damn near 30. Perhaps there are other magical buttons out there that do close…idk but just don’t do it.
    • The nose stud was okay though. It did close up, but there an indent in the cartilage though. Eh no biggie.
  • If you are not married by 30, you are not a loser
    • Yup. Here we thought, like most young ladies &/or hopeless romantics – I WILL be married by 25 and kid by 30 or I will just die (with the dramatics)! Newsflash girlfriend…relationships are HARD and not everyone has the same level of commitment and honesty as you and that is ok. It teaches us growth and hey, you make it to 29/30 without these things and you are JUST FINE. It turns out, you are more independent than you ever thought and that my dear is better for you <3.
  • Adulthood kinda sucks… no really.
    • Yes, you can FINALLY make your own decisions, have your own roof, drive your fabulous car and treat yo’ self. But in order to have these things you must work and that can bring on its own set of issues. For example, most bosses that you will have -terrible. You will be treated unfairly, you will probably be passed over on that much deserved promotion. You will have work related issues and moral issues that will come rear it’s head and man, that is when you are really tested as an adult – navigating these challenges in the work place can be like walking on egg shell mines (that is a thing right? 😉 ). Again, it helps you grow so pick and choose those battles carefully (btw this goes in all aspects of life).
    • Additionally, the hard stuff hits – to you, your family, your friends and most of the time it seems like adulthood is more of a challenge for most and most of the time. Even the most “important times of your life” typically have hurdles. In some cases, you have to fight them alone – other times you will have someone going to war with you (YES) but its the television drama stuff that you do not expect, because “it was on tv” but it does happen in the “real life” sorry… brace yourself and always be there to support your friends. Make that call or text you damn hermit!
  • You will argue with a police woman and you will be 100% wrong, when you thought you were 100% right
    • This is just something funny to share with your younger self – my goodness why would you ever do something like that. I don’t know, but it happened. Also why picking and choosing your battles – very important! You were pulled over for “drunk driving” when you were 100% sober and that offended you….so the next thing she rattled off  “did you know your tags are expired?” BS you will say, YOU would never do that, I know how this goes…it happens every year… obviously, this woman is out to get me! Well after you coherently spit fire back at her, even after she checks on my plates… I deemed her wrong. She gave me the ticket and I fumed all the way home. I precicely remember waiting in the horrible room at the BMV… I KNOW I did this and as soon as I get home, I am turning on my phone light and will just see for myself. This does not happen often friends but I was dead wrong. It turns out, she was not out to get me and I apparently dream of the BMV. Sooo I made sure to remedy it first thing in the morning and maaay have apologized out loud… I hope she heard it ;). Yup…you do that.
  • You will carry a plush dino in your purse at the ripe age of 29… all the time
    • Yes, you heard that correctly. This may not have been “cool” for most of your teen and younger adult years but there is a legit correlation for this – your 29 self conducted a survey and I will get there!
    • Let me tell you 2016 is not your year and your mental state declined to a degree that most probably would assume you were a goner. Well. You hung in there kid, with the help of therapy, medication and willingness to keep fighting – GO YOU, YOU RESILIENT UNICORN! However, things were still a bit shaky and you found this plump t-rex key-chain online and you had to have him. From that day, he has traveled in all types of purses, bags, pockets, cars, skateboards…. really you name it. Yup, you ended up with an anxiety dino. Younger me, you probably think this is a joke.. it is not. The up side? There are MANY like you. You see, due to your struggle with your mental health, you became sort of an advocate and one day while cruising social media, you realize there are a lot of people out there who also carry plush items on the day to day. Interesting right? Of course, your curious self wanted to know if there was a relation to being a plushie carrier/photographer (yes that too) and it turns out – its true. Out of 50 people that took the poll, 100% stated that their plushie was a gift or bought for the purpose of comfort during a difficult time. They just now happen to go on adventures on the day to day versus staying home – kind of interesting huh? Yup, so while it may seem crazy and the others may feel crazy too.. know you are not alone haha (this was also an FYI for all!).
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      Sometimes you make ridiculous things like this WITH said dino… LOL

  • Speaking of Advocating…
    • You will be training to be a Crisis Counselor at 29 too! Look at how far you have come, while still a hermit but you are branching out and you should be proud for the work you do. By January 2018, you will be trained to help people in crisis mode – more youth focused – YES.
    • At the time of writing this, within the past month 3 people have come to you for advice on how/where to get help with their own mental health concerns, 2 were men and this is HUGE. Can I get a round of the applause for helping break that stigma! So while you may not think you will go far and that your mental illnesses may keep you from a great life, this is that “fast forward” moment to show – even small, you make a difference.
  • Eat the veggies!
    • Yup, this is your lemon body speaking. Sure – heredity may have got us good..but I mean perhaps sneaking in a veggie and perhaps a fruit possibly could have helped along the growing years. Maybe you would not be several organs lighter?! Now we will never know…

Well I feel like I will be adding more to this later but I wanted to get a post out – I missed blogging and I hope you can help me out here too. If you could tell your younger self anything…what would it be?

Take care friends and have a great weekend! ❤


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4 thoughts on “Things I Wish I Could Tell To My Younger Self

  1. Natalie Vinh says:

    Sorry to hear about your breathing issues but I’m glad that you’re feeling better. And I love this post – especially the part about the belly button piercing! I had no idea they didn’t close…


  2. Quinn says:

    Oh so many things.

    “It gets worse before it gets better so hang in there” would provably be the main one. Also: “Take up some form of exercise for the love of God!”

    Might have to do a post on this myself!

    Liked by 1 person

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