Follow up Friday!

Hello my lovely friends! HAPPY FRIDAY THE 13TH!

*Also, I have decided that the featured photo is my spirit character (iphone sticker) thx  Ronnie Nguyen for for being a creative genius. *

Ah yes, the leaves have changed here, the air is brisk, the neighbors are putting out their spooky decor and we happen to have a Friday the 13th this October – YES. Essentially it is the only F13th that I don’t really worry of “oh what can happen today?” because regardless it is a day to celebrate all things spooky – which I have.

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OK! Weird ramble about fall done.

Now on the catch up, but first – hello! I love you, I miss you. How are all of you!?

Me? Oh, I have tried to blog 3 different times this week. I have drafts that been thrown to abandon and I seem them peering back at me like.. you lazy bum. All you had to do was finish me! But I just couldn’t. I have had passionate thoughts on things and I wanted to write buuuut after the first line or two, my thoughts were too jumbled. So, I hope you don’t mind a bullet list of oddball things that have been going through my mind and perhaps if you are lucky, a coherent thought may follow haha. Thanks for hanging in there with me. 

Now on to the list!

  • Mental Case / Therapist Update – I FINALLY got an appointment scheduled with a new therapist because you know, still have not heard from my last one. She is getting an email today…along with a request to send my records to the new and hopeful reliable psychiatrist. HALLELUJAH!
  • Ruff & Too Tuff Doggo – My pup got into a scuffle with the neighbor’s dog – sigh. Nothing like a 60ish?lb dog vs. Yorkie. The good news, everyone was okay but you want to talk about stress, neighbor tension is never good esp. when pups are involved annnd when one could eat the other for a snack. I was not there for said scuffle so I cannot determine who was the one at fault but hey, you apologize and move on right!? Also….look into fencing. Ahem. *marks on to-do list*
  • Who Run the World? Girls!? – I have been thinking a lot about women and how they seem to put themselves last, lose themselves and it seems really unfair to be honest. I know some may say that “this is within our control”  but is it? It almost seems like we are hardwired or expected to prioritize everything else before ourselves.
    **What are your thoughts here? I could go on, but I am looking for other opinions on the matter – you know me, trying to see all angles – leave in the comments!**
  • Disputes – There has been a Caterpillar vs Kat standoff for the past couple days and it is making me mad/sad (msad?). You know when you have those days when you just not on the same page? Miscommunication can lead to an insignificant argument over the littlest thing lol? Yea. That is us as we speak. Please send us some good vibes please, we can use it so we can get back on track. Things were going so well…. (which I will never say again, because every time I do… its like a relationship bomb goes off). Thanks life. -.- 
  • Other Random News – I received my 5 year service pin from work this week… yay?? I am excited for my crisis counselor training… come on 30th! I put myself as priority this week. bought some clothes and hope to get some new makeup this weekend. Trying to.. you know… try. #fudepression

I think that is about it! I hope you enjoyed hearing my nonsense and I HOPE to hear from you, respond to my question, say hello…anything! 

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Until next time, take care of yourselves and others & stay spooky my friends! ❤

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3 thoughts on “Follow up Friday!

  1. Buffy Devane says:

    Good luck with the new therapist, Katrina… sounds like a breakthru!
    Hey, a bullet list’s better than nothing — indeed, sometimes it’s better. Maybe I ought to take my inspiration from you!. 😀
    I hope you have an uneventful Friday the 13th… in the spooky sense. 😉


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