Tuesday Thoughts

Hi Friends!Lets do an update shall we!?


  1. Crisis Counselor Training Bound!
    • That is right! I have been feeling rather blah here lately and I wanted to give back to the world in some way. So I began my search…which was very easy thanks to volunteermatch.com. So down the rabbit hole I went, creating my profile and began filtering out the postings. You see, I wanted something meaningful, but not too dedicated as I am kind of in a weird spot, looking for a new therapist and dealing with some more depression symptoms as of late. Then, there she was! A virtual posting for Crisis Counselors – YESSSSSS. 
    • So then I began digging into this company, are they actually a good entity and how did other volunteers rate them!? I needed to know! Everything checked out and I am proud to say that my application was accepted!
    • Some may say, how can someone who is still struggling a bit help others? Well I feel it actually puts me at an advantage. I can be emphatic as I have been there, in those darkest day to the lighter. I am just so excited to help and my training starts at the end of the month! YESS!!! Shout out to my references 🙂 Yoda best!
  2. Sharing my story…yikes!
    • I was asked to complete an interview in hopes to be selected to be an “inspirational story.” I have to admit, I was a little nervous this go…I am not sure why…perhaps its that whole vulnerability thing creeping up on me? Anyway, if I get selected – I will make sure to share the good news! If I don’t… you will never hear about it again…because I cannot handle failure lol.
    • But on a real note, sharing your experiences really can help others, if you are in a spot to do so and of course, have not done so already – I encourage you to do so. It may be uncomfortable, there is no denying that but it is rewarding in the long run <3.
  3. Keeping it together…kinda
    • I am still on the hunt for a therapist. I cannot tell you how discouraging and exhausting this has become. I have reached out to several places and they either: 1. Do not follow up, 2. Are not accepting patients despite their website
      3. Not in my insurance network and will require a reimbursement route that I just do not want to deal with. Throwing 100-200 bucks upfront, to go through the reimbursement process…to get that back weeks later? I am not interested. Why can’t you guys just make this easier?
    • Basically, I am over it. People who need this kind of treatment should not have to go through all this… calling, emailing, faxing, referrals etc numerous times to just be let down. Mustering up the energy to do it once is hard enough, let alone several times. If I felt that I did not need a med adjustment, I would take a break but it is not in the cards for me and I have to keep pushing through. UGH. Rant over.
  4. October is here! Obviously…
    1. But this is my fave time of the year, I need some suggestions on some spooky movies or tv shows! I have Netflix and Hulu – please tell me all the good things!!!!! ❤

I think that is it today, a quick little update with good and some blah news haha. Anyway, I hope you are taking care of yourselves and would love to hear how you are! Leave a comment!


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6 thoughts on “Tuesday Thoughts

  1. Quinn says:

    I immediately clicked the link and started to submit my application to volunteer but thne it said I needed a US social security number. I’ll have to find something similar here because it sounds right up my volunteering street!

    Liked by 1 person

    • MadKatter says:

      NO! Ugh! Dang it, I searched around after reading your comment and I guess they are in “pilot mode” for international sigh. Makes me sad but I so hope you find something similar – you my dear would be amazing at a crisis line!!!

      I hope your weekend went well 🙂 chat soon! ❤


  2. Listen to your Heart says:

    We all feel vulnerable when we share our inner feelings but yes you are so right that eventually we get rid of our fears and helps us move on .I have also gone through a topsy turvyroute in my life but eventually I have reached a balance I would suggest you should try breathing and meditation All I can say is that it has really helped me so may be you should try All the best Katrina😊

    Liked by 1 person

    • MadKatter says:

      Thank you so much for your kind words and reading my post, this means a lot to me! Of course, the reassurance/inspiration that I am not alone and can get back on my feet soon is very helpful and just what I needed – thank you again. I am going to try to find some good breathing techniques again, I have not really focused on that bit in a while 😦

      Liked by 1 person

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