Weekly Photo Challenge – Windows

Hello friends! This week’s Photo Challenge is…. Windows! I hope you enjoy!

Columbus, OH
Love in the doorway
The Grand Barn at the Mohicans – Glenmont, OH
Guarding the Home – Early 2016
Lego Windows ❤
Glowing Pups and window nose artists




I hope everyone has a great weekend! ❤


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11 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Windows

  1. Kat, I am shocked, shocked that for this week’s challenge you would have pics of dogs staring out the window. 😉 😉 Not really…I would be shocked if you didn’t! I like the colors in Glenmont…a reminder that fall is just around the corner. Still green here, though. 🙂

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    1. Haha Tom how can I live up to my crazy dog lady status without an astronomical amount of dog photos !?😂

      Fall is here my friend and I’m so excited for it. Something about crunching leaves and spooky things make me happy lol. Also pups didn’t in the leaves is quite comical.

      You must be getting some color now!? ❤️

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Glad you enjoyed the pic, Kat. In future comments, I may just sneak in a link to other photos I think you’ll like. 🙂 Keeping fingers crossed for reds and golds soon!


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