Pay it Forward Pizza

Time flies when you’re having fun right?

Late last week I received an email from WedPics in a bold fun font saying “congratulations on your 1 year anniversary!!”

I thought about screaming, punching the screen, faking my own death and starting a new life on the beaches of some exotic land…and the actual result was kind of a horrifying mix. Yes, I know…a bit crazy eh?

Ahem. Well it appears I forgot to unsubscribe from what HAD to be the last wedding site subscription of mine…yeeeshhhh. It seems like I unsubscribed from 100?…. I guess someone and by someone, I clearly mean me…got a wee bit out of hand in the fury of my late wedding date. Ahhh…If I could only go back in time…but I stopped myself. It has been almost 2 years since the disappearance of said low life man – I really should not feel anything anymore right? We have both moved on…when does it not really bother me? I don’t feel sad more just a slight remaining anger I suppose? Is this normal? What is the effing limit of anger? Know any tricks? Voodoo tips? Jk..but really.

ANYWAY while I am rocking this spinster/ borderline crazy dog lady lifestyleImage result for crazy dog lady, it got me thinking about how far I’ve come, where I was and what I was doing back when you know, I lost what would have been the future husband and probably would be receiving a congrats on your divorce email versus a congrats had it continued, so I thank the blessing in disguise as they say. As big as a shit storm as that was, you truly find out:

  1. Your badassery
  2. Who your real friends are
  3. But really….who your fucking amazing friends are

Now comes the story of what I call: The Pay it Forward Pizza aka: Emergency Pizza &/or Comfort Pizza. I like having options as you can see! The pizza stems from Honeydukes. Ah yes, do you remember her!? She is back! So anyway back to the story…Brandon aka: JerkFace left me on a Sunday morning. Some of you already know this as this has been a way for me to channel some of that energy but as you can imagine, that leaves no time to get your shit together before Monday. Ah yes, nothing screamed  like a more legit reason to call off work…than when the person that you have shared a life with over the past 5 years, wedding planned and took on life life with…just up and kinda goes…I don’t want to be here anymore.


So…..I wallowed. I did not really cry in front of him, I think that was because of the sheer shock more than anything else …considering we were just going over the guest list again the night prior. So I let my friend Palm Trees know, since she just recently went through the same damn thing (who does this shit!?). So she came over and kept my sad ass company and just let me be, which was amazing – I can never forget her kindness during this time as well. Now, I know you are thinking…what about this pizza and Honeydukes!? Who is this “Palm Trees” and why are we not to the point of this post yet? I AM GETTING THERE!

Since work was not in the cards for me, I was absent. Of course, my lovely co-workers which included Honeydukes checked in on me because of that lemon human issue of mine and some other issues that had been going on. I do not recall exactly what I said in the texts…prob something simple and unpolished like “that fuck left me.” Oh wait, I was still in was prob more dramatic “THE LOVE OF MY LIFE AND SUPPOSED FUTURE HUSBAND LEFT ME! LEAVE ME HERE TO DIE” Oh god who knows….and I am not even sure if I answered all of the texts…this may have been spread from one awesome co-worker to another…anyway…I had been back in therapy and medicated for anxiety prior to this, so you can only imagine how I was feeling. Honestly, I don’t know if I even did. I did know that I was neglecting my body and not eating for who knows how long because the mere thought of it made me want to vomit, let alone actually ingesting sustenance. Regardless, a delivery hero showed up at my door. I… had unwashed, messy hair and still in pjs even though it was well into the afternoon…I want to apologize and thank that pizza delivery hero for not calling the cops on me or the ward.

The thing is, I did not order this pizza. Where did it come from? No one really knows about the village where I live, let alone this hole in the wall pizza joint. It obviously was someone who has partook in this same pizza. While I just glared at the pizza delivery gal, confused –  trying to put this together…because you know just taking the pizza inside and figuring this after would make too much sense. I made the poor gal suffer with me haha. She eventually said “here and it is all taken care of.”


I then accepted the pizza and freed the poor girl from the misery of that moment haha. I knew exactly who it was, or at least 95% sure. In that mental state, certainty is not a strong point.

I went inside, texted Honeydukes because she was the only friend would do such a kind gesture. Encourage me to eat, let alone my fave pizza and take care of myself.

I cried.

In fact, I prob hold the record of the most tears poured over pizza. GO ME!

This simple gesture left a mark on me ever since. Some people may not get it, but it is sacred to me and I want to share my story with all my blogging friends about the little things that truly mean the world to others.

BECAUSE.… ever since the miracle delivery of the Pay it Forward Pizza/Comfort Pizza/Emergency Pizza, I have sent several of my own to friends in need. Also emergency coffees or dinner of some sort to friends who may have been struggling because since I was so touched from this, others had to be as well…right?

The feedback has been pretty good. So I guess after this long story, I just want to remind you that if you know a friend who may be struggling with anything, your little acts of kindness truly leave a mark. I encourage spreading the love of pizza, snacks, dinner, wine, plushes &/or gifts of any kind to your friends in need – no matter how small or grand – it will be appreciated even if their mental state and communication may fail to truly express it.

Have you ever had something like this happen to you? Please share the experience! Also, if my post happens to encourage you to send a Pay it Forward Pizza/Comfort Pizza/Emergency Pizza – please share!

Image result for gift of pizza

I love you all, please take care and hope to chat soon!



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6 thoughts on “Pay it Forward Pizza

  1. hell0chloe says:

    Faking your own death 😭😭 You never fail to make me laugh!! I wasn’t following you way back when that jerk left you but GIRL you’re amazing and I’m so sorry someone did that to you, I’ve had it done to me before (not on the same scale obviously) but I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy, the pain is too much to bare. It’s so good you have amazing friends surrounding you that would do such a sweet thing, I do the same with my friends – when we’re not feeling so great we buy a ton of junk food and laze around all day watching movies 💞

    Liked by 2 people

    • MadKatter says:

      Haha oh my lovely dear Chloe you are too sweet! I am glad I can bring giggles!! Thank you for your love and support girl and I always love hearing from you! this story was quite bittersweet but hey, made me into an independent lady eh!? *Hair flip Beyonce style* 😂

      It hurts to be left without much of an answer right? I’m very sorry that it happened to you too love. It amazes me how some people claim to be human and still do these things? Wtf.

      Also, it makes me so happy that you share in the love of stocking up on good food and movies! That is the ULTIMATE way to heal ❤️❤️ keep those good vibes good beautiful soul and I hope you have been doing well!


    • MadKatter says:

      Hi lovely! Thank you for taking the time to read that mess of a post haha. It is definitely a bitter sweet story but it no longer hurts anymore to tell and hey, blessing the world with more pizza! I can’t wait to hear of your comfort pizza story when it comes 🙂 ❤️❤️ hope you are doing well!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Quinn says:

    Ugh. WHO DOES THIS. And WHY??? I hope you got some answers because that would drive me nuts (the leaving-just-before-a-wedding thing, not the pizza thing)!

    And now I’m going to order a pizza for someone I love! Thanks for the pay it forward pizza idea!

    Liked by 1 person

    • MadKatter says:

      I know, right? Cowards. Jerks!? Man children?? Sadly, I never really got an answer. Nor have I really heard from him since. He even left all of his things…And just recently changed his mailing address 🙄

      When I finally cornered him about 2 weeks after he left (holidays were approaching) the only thing he could say was “proposing was what he thought he was supposed to do. We had been together for years and that was the next step.”
      So I asked why? That is stupid. It would have been easier to stop all of this prior to you know… Telling everyone, providing a ring of false hope really. He just simply said he no longer cared for me and had not for a while… Even before he proposed. So I guess he just fell out of love and didn’t want to tell me or want to fix it I guess? He didn’t really show any signs, he truly played it off. No one saw it coming not even our roommate at the time, closest friends or family. I felt a a fool and still do I guess. He even hid out around Christmas (he left the first week in December) from family and I had to tell his own mother. I assume nothing but guilt and shame would cause someone to act like that and hide without answers. I assume he must’ve done something? I probably will never know. He has been happily seeing an 18 year old who just graduated while he is 28. So perhaps he needed more control? I could guess all day and honestly, that was the hardest part to accept. I will never know but hey I’m a much stronger gal and I have made it on my own and 3 dogs :).

      Thanks for being so kind and supportive friend. I also hope your pay it forward pizza is a success! I’m sure the recipient will love it!! I mean… It is pizza!


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