For your Entertainment Friday!

Hello my friends!

HAPPY FRIDAY! YOU MADE IT! ❤ I have been reflecting and I feel that my posts have been a little too serious/down/blah lately and I want to break it up. Sure, that negative Nancy in the back of my head is there but I am going to knock Nancy down and hopefully give you a chuckle! I will get back to that serious stuff later! F U NANCY, NOT TODAY!

So this post is going to be a collection of recent odd encounters of mine. This will range from photos, snippets of conversations, sass and awkwardness…because me. Here we go – no judgement please!

  1. I found the BEST response for those “thirsty” individuals who “slide into your DMs” or text you late in the evening asking “what are you wearing?”
    • It turns out answering “its going to be your skin if you don’t stop asking” is a GREAT option….to never hear from said individual again. Well…after they reply “creepy…” yea…well who started it CREEP...
  2. A sure way to make your co-workers uncomfortable (this works great if you suffer from mental illness as well).
    *Scene * coworker says “you look cute today! you put makeup on.”
    • Replying “thanks, sometimes I try not look like a homeless person” is a great way to make the 4 other people in the break room awkwardly chuckle and leave. But seriously…getting out bed to GO to work is hard enough, I may put makeup on when I get to work…maybe…otherwise you may be stuck with a sleep deprived, depressed Kat..I’ m sorry, it is just what it is haha.
    • Bonus!? You earn and/or get to keep the title of the “slightly off” or “bat-shit crazy” title. In my case, I think I remain the champ of weirdo of the dept. YASSS!
  3. I have no words for this photo…except… why!? This is the first time that I have seen such a bumper sticker… I figure, it must be custom made? Do these live on a shelf somewhere? #onlyinohio?img_9413
  4. Looking for a new way to…shake up your kitchen!? These t-rex badasses in golden bow ties from Target will really add some spice to your life.img_8835.jpg
  5. If I did not throw in my crazy pack in this post, would it even be my blog? I present to you: Awkward Family Photo – Pup Edition.img_9375.png
  6. Same goes for my t-rex keychain… we take over. Stompin’ around the craft store…img_9232
  7. Sometimes in life, when you are stuffing your face full of nuggets at 10pm. You come across what ALMOST looks like a heart shape nugget… at that moment, you know despite your late night nugget craze – that life is going to be alright. How can it not? DO YOU SEE IT. img_7781.jpg
  8. This doggo was headed into the bank…. judging by that smile, I bet he had quite a few BONESto deposit!! Eh eh!?img_8746-1

Well my friends, I hope this brought some light to your day. Have a fun and safe weekend! ❤



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