Not so lovely lady lumps… [PSA: Womens Health Post]

My neglected but loyal friends! Happy Thursday  – let’s catch up shall we!?
First, I hope you all are doing well, I plan to catch up on everyone’s blog, comments & emails today!​ I love you, sorry for being MIA. Here is what has been going on in the ole Mad Katter world:
  • Lady Lumps
    • Last week, while I was stretching and scratching like a normal person does upon waking up (or is that my inner cat?), I found this thing. Yes, this thing seemed to have appeared over night…. in lump form… in my right breast.
      *cue internal meltdown here*  So there I sat  on the bathroom floor (because why not?) thinking of course this would happen. You start taking better care of your self and look where it gets you, BUMPS IN YOUR TATA. My friends, I am built like a pre-pubescent boy. I do not really have much going on in terms of breasts. I was not about to let this round, weird, fluff, irritating orb take over what little tissue I have! [<– Of course I was not that confident]. I did get into the Gyn the same day, which is almost unheard of and let me tell you…. there is nothing quite like a medical professional’s concerned face while getting a breast exam. I am staring at her, she is staring at the wall – making concerned faces all the while checking out this invader. In terms of vulnerability, I have kissed that goodbye long ago. I live in a vulnerable state at this point (the anxiety disorder helps with this)… I would be concerned if I did not feel this way! So, the lovely gal deemed my invader an 8 o’clock mass – 2x2cm… which turns out, means the location of said invader. I was referred for an ultrasound the following week, depending on the results, I also had a pending mammogram (also concerned about what little tissue I have here) or biopsy.

      Well, my ultrasound was just yesterday and it seems that I have 2 cysts on top of another?? they appear to be fluid filled and that is pretty much where I am at. The ultrasound tech advised me that I did not need the additional tests at this time – WHEW! I thought for sure I would be leaving the appointment sans breasts, because that is what every logical person, who has not had an actual mammogram thinks… right? They just get pressed off? The good news is, fluid filled is the best option if you are going to have said invaders I guess. Now, I am just waiting to see what my Gyn recommends at this point, maaaay have to get them drained which…. that imagine in my head just heightens my anxiety.

      So with all that said my lovely gals (and boys!), don’t forget to do your own self checks! Very important!!! I swear this thing like popped up over night. #lumpybreastprobs.


  • Sick and tired…of being sick and tired
    • This is pretty self explanatory, but is this what late 20s life is like? Adulthood, are we ALL just sick and tired of being just that? PLEASE let me know, because I feel like I am a damn lemon of a human.
    • PS – I slept 16 hours Monday because I was feeling so crappy 😦 
    • I am currently 10 days smoke free! Yes, I know…. it is such a terrible terrible habit and why I did not share this before. However, I am so proud of myself and wanted to share!!!! TAKE THAT CIGARETTES! After some, stressful times in my life, aka all of 2016 and part of 2015 – I picked up this nasty habit again… UGH! But I am kicking butt now! eh eh!?
  • Auto Pilot
    • Other than the above key points, life have been kinda on auto-pilot for me. I have been struggling a bit in terms of…how should I describe this… stability? Yes, the mania, the anxiety and then a deep dark pit of depression over the past couple weeks. I am not sure why, I have been taking my meds and in general – taking better care of myself? So… thanks body and your lovely imbalance – love you boo.I missed a couple family gatherings, let my phone ring, ignored many texts/calls/people because I just could not? I realize that this is not fair, but there are times when I just do not have the energy to throw on the face and chat. I am not a chatty person to begin with, let alone if I am feeling a bit off.  So…to all my friends who is also impacted by my condition, I am sorry. Love you and know I will get my ass in gear soon. Yoda best.
    • img_6034-1

      ^I do not remember where I found this, but it makes me laugh 🙂

I think that is about it for today my friends! I hope you are having a great week and hope to chat again soon!




17 thoughts on “Not so lovely lady lumps… [PSA: Womens Health Post]

  1. comfykittea says:

    Whaaat….what are you doing?? How does all this stuff happen to only one person in such a short time T_T Hope you can stay smoke-free…
    And yes, welcome to the late twenties! Adulthood is no fun at all…

    Liked by 2 people

    • MadKatter says:

      Haha, this is my life!!! I have always had bad luck, I swear that is runs in my veins – ugh.

      I am staying smoke free, no worries and in regards to adulthood, I demand that we have more days off to recoup from working all the time! Perhaps we will not always be so tired zzzz.


      Liked by 1 person

    • MadKatter says:

      THANK YOU for your positivity, it can so easily be pressed deep down and we can forget the things to be grateful for. Thank you again lovely! Hope to chat again soon and that you have a great weekend! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

      • MadKatter says:

        Hi Tom! Did you get any fabulous photos recently!? My hibernation came back up – UGH. I had a upper respiratory infection…in August! What is that!? So here is to hopefully fully making it out of hibernation… you know before it actually snows haha! ❤


      • Tom Schultz says:

        Snow…hold that thought for a while! My latest pic is of a rattlesnake I came across while hiking. Yikes! There actually is one species in Michigan, though this was my first sighting.


  2. Quinn says:

    “I feel like I am a damn lemon of a human.” This made me laugh out loud because I hit the slumps the same way I would hit a wall. One minute I’m fine and the next I have NO ENERGY AT ALL. From now on I’ll be referring to myself as a lemon of a human!

    Glad the lumps are nothing serious -I’m always worried that having large breasts will hide lumps from me. Like.. how am I meant to feel them if they’re in the middle somewhere?! My boobs don’t move THAT much! Now I’m wondering about people with implants. How do you feel for lumps with implants in the way? So many questions….

    Hope things start feeling more energetic soon. Well done on quitting the smokes!!!

    Liked by 2 people

    • MadKatter says:

      YES! You get me Quinn!! Lemon of a human for sure is the best way to describe it! UGH!

      Thank you for the kind words on my less than angry lumps! As a petite gal, I cannot comment on the large breast (insert envy here!) and potential hiding lumps BUT I feel you would know. I found mine by chance during my cat stretching (totally normal human behavior)…but I feel intuition would kick in and be like QUINN something is not right here, INSPECT!

      But it sounds like you are a healthy gal and should have no worries! I am just a lemon in the lady bit department. Tis quite unfortunate haha.

      I hope you and the fam are doing well and have a wonderful weekend! Hope to chat again soon! ❤


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