Hello my lovely friends ❀

I want you to know that I miss you and that I am working on a catch up post :). Until I can wrap that up and perhaps remove some doom & gloom lol… here is my weekly photo challenge submission!! This week’s theme was textures.

Fall 2016
Honeydukes Move Day – July 2017
Rust – August 2017
More nosy pups (Barley) 2017
Bus Stop Walks – August 2017
The Texture is strong with Legos – October 2016
Third Street Tree – August 2017
Virgil, NY – 2016

Until next time! ❀


15 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Textures

  1. Love your different texture photos Katrina, especially the last one with the snail, it looks like an intro to a joke “Why did the snail cross the road?” Lol! πŸ™‚
    BTW, your ‘pingback or link from The Daily Post Texture page isn’t working, it takes you to your blog, but not to this actual post.

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    1. Oh no! Thank you!!! I tried fixing it but I think I had some issues with the post and gave up 😦

      Thank you again for letting me know and for your kind words on my photos! The “Why did the snail cross the road” got me!! I had a great laugh about that, its so true!! Hope to chat again soon! ❀

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      1. Lol!!! I know that feeling all too well Katrina, it can often be really tricky to find out what’s wrong with various different link backs, sometimes it is just easier to give up on a particular post.
        And you’re most welcome about the comments, I still love that photo!!! πŸ™‚

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