Frantic Friday

Hello friends & happy Friday!

It has been a week. A long, tiring, sunburnt, itchy back, frustrating, sad and anxious week.


Grumbly Worker Bee – Work has been a cluster fuck if I am going to be honest. We were given an extraordinary amount of work to do this week….on a short holiday week guys….also did I mention that it’s the end of the pay-period? So we have been working our butts off in order to make this all happen before today – aka processing day….to be left twiddling our thumbs waiting for the go from the powers that be errr… slackers… I mean our great fearless leaders. I think I finally understand the “hurry up and wait” statement now more than ever…. ugh.

6th Gear Happiness – Adulthood, lack of truck and lack of men in my life who do not ride dirt bikes has left me with little ride time over the years. The other day, I got to feel 6th gear wide open and let me tell you friends – there is nothing like it. I missed it. It is true happiness for me. The wind that you feel flowing across your body and cheeks ahhh. The adrenaline. It is truly freeing. Now, how can I pack that feeling into a pill!?

She did scare me a bit, as she took extra work to kick start due to sitting – but she never fails me – she roared to life and the smell of 2 stroke oil filled my lungs. I am going to make a goal to ride more I think. Even if that involves finding a small trailer and hitch for my civic :). It is a time where I do not have to think, talk, do anything but just be. I need more of that in my life – especially since I can feel the anxiety pressure in my chest again :(.

Hello anxiety, my old friend – Work stress is never easy, overhauling your eating habits (I miss you pizza *ugly cry*) and shoving pills down your throat is also stressful…throw in that your significant other has not talked to you since Sunday…and you got yourself a recipe for a melt down. As we know, I am prone to those bad feelings of anxiety – as a lovely Generalized Anxiety Warrior (worrier??) and as much as I try to be positive, when you start to get that feeling in your chest. That heaviness and shortness of breath, you realize that you indeed are not holding it together as well as you thought. Next thing you know, you are in a downward spiral wondering how you got here, who am I really, and get lost in a debate if that is a NEW freckle on your hand… Everything you thought you knew, OUT THE DAMN WINDOW. Some say this is irrational, but welcome to the world of people with anxiety disorders. I am working on it, I will probably always be working on it and thank you to all who understand these modes.

Doggo Blog Post Invite – I just had a doggo website reach out to me regarding my thoughts on mental health and the health benefits of having them around. As a crazy dog mom, you know this hit home for me. I am a bit nervous talking about bringing up my struggles again but my puppers definitely helped me during some dark days/time periods and if i can get that message out to others, why not!? I am going to do my best and please be on the look out for that post soon. Also, do you have anything to comment regarding mental health and dogs?! What are your thoughts? Do they help you!?

Funny Fact about me Friday! – I thought this was just a cute way to wrap up my post, a fun errr…funny fact about me. So here you go!

  1. I accidentally shocked myself through a static charge while putting away my stun gun the other week…….so there is that.Who puts a metal button ON A STUN GUN CASE!?

Anyway, I hope you all had a great week, I am so glad to be back in the swing of things and chatting with you all!!! I will have a few award posts, along with my doggo post in the next few days.

Enjoy your weekend and take care!


9 thoughts on “Frantic Friday

    • MadKatter says:

      Hello my love- it was PuppySpot.
      While it is more out of my norm of my rescues and mutts, I like the idea of spreading awareness for mental health and pups. So I looked around and the site seems legit for breeders. Have you been approached by them too? Of so, do tell me all the things!

      Liked by 1 person

  1. merecovering says:

    Anxiety somehow has a way of ruling and disordering my life sometimes. I went to a psych nurse to get meds for ADD and she diagnosed me with anxiety. She had the nerve to tell me my concentration issues were due to anxiety. So much for self diagnosing. Anyway, just petting my dogs and hugging them can bring so much relief. Also sometimes when I am feeling anxious my pups will come and try to snuggle their heads under my hand as if to say, “It might help if you pet me a little”. Such wonderful creatures. By the way–my horse taught me so much about unconditional love back in the days of my fiery hell.


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