Lobster Vibes, Puppers & the return of Catrina

Good morning my friends!

I am sure you have forgotten who I am… well, it is I – Katrina (or Catrina 😒) and I am glad to be back. I tried to blog over the weekend, then for sure would “do it on the 4th!”

“K” people, it starts with a K… #starbucksfail

Well…I was just lacking in the creative department… so that did not happen either. So let be bring you back up to speed!

The Good

  • GRRryffindor – I took a Harry Potter House Quiz..well a couple and the reoccurring results were: Gryffindor & Hufflepuff. Where do I belong!? This truly is the story if my life – I just don’t fit in one spot haha. Have any of you taken this quiz before?! What was your result and do you agree?
  • BOOM! – I made it through all the fireworks, gunshots and other random ruckuses with all 3 pups still alive, well and still home. Granted at one point during the fireworks, I had big Barley and blind Ana in my lap. It was difficult to breathe, but hey – that is what you do right? Provide comfort…even when you cannot breathe? #dogmomprobs

    Fireworks = Barley’s nemesis

  • Sleeping Beauty – Friday I went to bed at 7P, I did not get out of bed until almost 7P Saturday. That is right, I slept most of 24 hours. Who is wild and crazy? ME. Apparently my body needed it? I sinuses were a little upset, perhaps this was my body forcing me to rest?
  • Healthy Life – I have yet to miss a day of my vitamins. I am trying like hell to eat better, cook more and build my immune system up. I feel like I am tired of being sick and tired? Also, my results showed that I need to build a stronger immune system, live less stressed (HA!) and cut out ALL the bad things. Much easier said than done… oyi.
    • I have not had pizza in over a week

The Bad

  • Sick & Tired – As I mentioned, I am feeling a little under the weather. Perhaps it is the change in diet and all these vitamins pumping through my body. It just does not know how to deal haha. Or the lack of pizza…it has been my life source for so LONG!
  • Results – I received my biopsy results. I was hoping everything just a fluke and everything would have magically turned out negative…aka nothing there. Well this is my first really concerning Pap I guess. My Dr said she is not worried, that I am “young, healthy and we will just stick to the 1 year annual. Your body should clear it by then.” HA..young.. Healthy… PFFT. So here is to taking better care of me 🙂
  • Worker Bee – My eyes are crossing from spreadsheets. Sooo… good luck to me to finding my bus later today. GRUMBLES.

The Ugly

  • Lobster Vibes – I am sunburnt, I am a freaking lobster – despite my best efforts of applying all the sunscreen -.- any tips to get rid of this asap!?
  • I have not had pizza in over a week.
  • Blog Log – I am slacking so much on my blog, it is making me sad – so this is under the “ugly” section because I need to get it together. I WILL GET MY AWARD POSTS DONE THIS WEEK.

I think that is about it for me – quick update! Sorry! How was your weekend?


13 thoughts on “Lobster Vibes, Puppers & the return of Catrina

  1. Cheila says:

    Baby, I miss your posts so much!! I’m sorry you’re lacking inspiration. Get back to us when you’re ready. I’m so glad you’re taking better care of yourself, so am I, as you might have seen on Instagram, I’m focusing on healthy meals. I stopped taking my vitamins though, because I had another allergic reaction and I think they are to blame. You’re such a good dog mom, they’re so lucky to have you, love. xx

    Liked by 1 person

    • madkatter13 says:

      Thank you my love! I miss you too!! Ugh! I am definitely trying to be better. My steady diet of pizza and Canada dry isn’t cutting it anymore lol!

      I have been eyeing your delicious meals! I lack creativity prepping meals and yours are inspiring me and look delicious!

      I have a rough time with vitamins or pills in general at times too. I have to find some plant based ones that are a little easier on my stomach. But I do.still struggle with them – I guess I need to learn to love fruit and veggies more!

      Liked by 1 person

      • madkatter13 says:

        LOL!!! It’s is a lovely brand of Ginger Ale! Yes… I live off Ginger Ale 😂 I sometimes forget that my international friends may not have these silly US things!

        Thank you my love for the meal inspiration. I plan on going grocery shopping tonight 😭 . I’m very happy rinse that you’re still taking great care of yourself too love. You’re doing amazing!

        Liked by 1 person

      • Cheila says:

        We do have ginger ale and I love it!!!! If you’re having stomach issues because of your pills and vitamins there are stomach protectors you can buy as pills. You take them before the pills and they protect the walls of your stomach with a layer of something lol

        Liked by 1 person

      • MadKatter says:

        Sooooo I need pills to take my pills – got it! Isn’t that funny? Also story of my life lol thanks my love, I’m on the hunt for these pills! 💊


  2. Cheila says:

    Oh, and for your burns, aloe Vera extract gel. You place the tube in the fridge and then apply it to your skin, nice and cold. The cold helps and aloe has healing properties so… It’s the best. And it’s cheap and you can probably find it at any store. xx Be careful with your skin, you are a very white princess. You need 50+, children’s sunscreen.

    Liked by 1 person

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