Tuesday coffee catch up…😳


Hello Friends!!!!

I hope you had a great weekend! Did you do anything fun? How are you all doing?!

The weekend was low key for me, I attacked the local antique stores again. I have been hunting for the perfect side chair(s) for my living room. I had a large 1.5 chair which was lovely but my little hobbit home is just too small for it. I feel like it was taking over…so I found a new chair fit for a queen! It swivels, rocks and super cozy :). Now to keep my 70lb doggo off of it… He kinda wore the last one in…with his large cat/dog ways. UGH! Anyway… her she is! I think it will be great for reading πŸ˜€

Let’s see, what else was important…

Caterpillar – This past Sunday marked 1 year that Caterpillar and I have been going up and down the madness of dating. Still unsure how I feel about it some days, dating is soooo fucking weird at this age. I don’t like it…can some poor soul just take me in and love me…also with 3 dogs (sorry)… kthx! But really, since I care for him a lot, it meant something to me. Since we have legit had breaks, here, there, everywhere (I felt this was about to go Seussian). But I don’t think it qualifies for actual anniversary? Or does it?….so I called it our “anniversary-ish/whatever you want to call it/thanks for putting up with me for 365 days in your life/Mainly me putting up with you” day. sigh, Men. Things were going so well, then of course we have a spat on said Sunday afternoon and it just kinda sucked, especially since I was already stressed about my test. So there is that…we are still rebounding, but we are better. Ah relationships *eyeroll* I plan to make a Lego trail around his bed soon, just because watching him step on one, may bring me a giggle :D. Okay okay, that may be mean and unnecessary, but it was just a thought – I have not done it yet!

Colposcopy (GYN) FU – Monday was the big day…aka: test day. I am going to be honest, I have been stressed about my abnormal pap legit for a month. I have dove into many online searches, articles, forums, fell down the rabbit hole and crawled back out…prob 1,000 times over the course of said month. I am almost 30, I just want to be healthy – for the love of jebus. I have gone through so much over the past year plus (and health issues in general), I just want a break, I am just so tired.

Anyway, the test was as uncomfortable as I imagined. The microscope used, kinda reminded me of Wall-E…not gonna lie. A much skinnier cousin version but please just look – do you see it!?

It felt like forever, but in reality, it was not that long – I was out in about a half hour. The mass amount of large q-tips terrified me and all the weird labeled jars staring me down while I waited half naked in my lime green argyle knee socks … needless to say, I started to panic, sweaty palms, the room was closing in & I was falling apart haha. Of course I would… day of…

So the exam went well over all I guess. There was a spot or two? (I blanked through out most of this aka: opossum’d) that she needed to send off for biopsy :(. I was hoping magically there would be nothing this time, that maybe I just had random inflammation on my original pap. Oyi! However, that was not the case. Needless to say, I have not slept well the last couple days from anxiety and until I see the results that specifically state negative – I will probably still worry. Sigh. My Dr said she was not too worried, I will be fine and I probably will just have to wait it out. I am “young and healthy and it should go away on its own.”

Uh. Healthy? Me!? hahaha so I made it I guess, I am just a sore, grumpy and stressed gal at this point. I want it over. You can find me in my fort that I made out of chairs and a blanket later… eating cocoa puffs. People with generalized anxiety should not have to wait this long for a resolution, I feel like I have aged significantly over this nonsense. Mostly self inflicted but…hey, I can’t help it.

Really, that is about it. I am getting back into the swing of things for work since I was gone most of the day. I spoiled myself with a large coffee and I hope the day goes quickly.

So again, tell me how your weekend was! How are you doing!? Memes, jokes and drawings are also encouraged πŸ™‚


❀ xoxo





10 thoughts on “Tuesday coffee catch up…😳

  1. iwannabealady says:

    That chair looks super cozy and it absolutely looks like Wall-E. I’ve never noticed that! Your dog has his eye on that chair from the moment it got brought into the house. You’ll have to put a whoopee cushion on it when you aren’t using it!

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  2. Blue Settia says:

    I remember getting called in to have a colonoscopy. Mind you I am 23. When I got there, the doctor said the nurses were “jumping the gun” and the test wasn’t necessary. But she said most of the time it goes away on its own. Also, she said my results were indicated as ASCUS. Sound familiar at all? look it up! Maybe it’ll help ease your mind. I believe 90% of woman are positive. Am I close? I remember researching it like crazy when I came up positive. But the body usually clears it up. It just takes a couple years, from my understanding. If your doctor said it’s nothing she’s worried about then believe her. Have faith. Good luck and don’t sweat it! ☺️

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    • madkatter13 says:

      Thank you so much for this ❀️ it helped me so much over the week. I read this right away just forgot to respond.

      All of this is very familiar. I ended up with LGSIL ? I believe it is so 😦 I am trying to build my immune system backup – I had a very stressful year and just now getting on my feet recently. Im usually terrible about vitamins and water but I have made a goal of pushing my body to clear this as soon as possible. Ugh. My doc just wants to see me for an annual and going from there. Here is to hoping. Thank you again, your words meant so much to me in this crazy time ugh. ❀️❀️ how have you been!?

      Hope to chat again soon!

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      • Blue Settia says:

        Hey no problem! So glad I could help you feel better. Alls I know, is that it’s BEST when it is caught early. My doctor convinced me that the chances of low-grade actually getting to cancer is low. Only because if it is caught soon enough, it will be taken care of. I think you will be fine. I will keep you in mind!! I’ve been doing okay. Trying to think of some new content to write!! Lol.

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      • MadKatter says:

        Thank you for sending those healthy vibes! I need them and thank you for providing some very helpful advice regarding these lovely results.

        I hope you’re doing well and look forward to reading more of your content !


  3. Quinn says:

    That chair looks like the perfect spot to snuggle in with a good book (and a dog)! I hope you get the results soon and they turn out to be fine.

    I also definitely think you should move forward with the Lego plan.

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    • madkatter13 says:

      Oh the Lego plan is for sure happening soon haha. I will make sure to have my phone ready for a picture 😈.

      I did get my results and still abnormal – I have to boost my immune system and I guessss take better care of myself. I have been actually taking my vitamins and looking into supplements to help as well. Ugh I am hoping to have a normal result next year – here is to cutting down on pizza 😭😭 and sticking to my regiment.

      I remember reading you have been taking supplements. Any suggestions for building an immune system and or basically a get healthy pill!?

      Can’t wait to see pictures of the little kitty soon!! ❀️🐾


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