Not So Thriving Thursday

Hello – it’s me! I missed ALL OF YOU!

I think it is safe to say that I have made it through our “hiring frenzy” over the past 2 weeks – WHEW. I hope to be back in the blogging game starting now – yessssss! I really do miss reading up on you guys, sorry for being a bad friend and being so far behind, I feel like I am letting you guys down and it makes me sad. I promise to dedicate some time to that asap! ❤

So I guess I can give you a quick life update before diving into my reader. Also, since my brain is still a bit foggy/fried/overstimulated – I am going to do a random bullet list. Simple, easy thoughts on life….should not be too hard right!? Let’s see…

  • Doggos: While neatly trimmed and oh so loving, I think my 3 pups are trying to kill me. They have been fond of romping around in the middle of the night and needing to be let out multiple times throughout the night over the past week. I did not get settled into bed until 2:30A last night. There was some anxiety issues with this as well, but mostly CRAZED MUTTS! I try so hard to give them all the love, the ear scratches, refuse to walk out on my job to keep kibble in the bowls! This is how they repay me!? YESH! Thanks puppers 😉 I really do love them though – just want that to be noted!
  • Fatigue: Is an understatement for me over the past week. I mean, I think adulthood in general is a giant blur of fatigue but this has been a new level for me. Sadly even while feeling so tired that my body aches and my nerve endings feel on fire – I still cannot sleep well. I may have to bust out the ole trazodone again 😦 which also makes me sad. I just want a normal functioning body…. k thx! I am sure the work load and still raging pollen count has something to do with it… right?
  • Officially ANTI-SOCIAL:  Well, kinda. As I mentioned a few posts back, I was participating in the IG @omgkenzieee #selflovebootcamp – which sounded so good in theory but it just got too hard…then I got really far behind. So there went my weekly posting idea versus the daily. I guess you could say I have officially given up. That’s right, I am a quitter. I still follow the tag and friends that I made the first couple weeks…er… week? They are warriors indeed and perhaps I am just a little bunny that is lost. Kudos to all the ladies out there who is still putting their bodies out there and fighting for the MUST body positive movement. You girls go! I will cheer from over here, by over here I mean with this pizza and probably a blanket.
  • Mood: I have been in a low mood since yesterday. There is no sun, only rain and my stubby legs did not make it over “large” leap over a puddle this morning and…my feet, flats and legs were wet for most of the morning. It did not help things 😦 . I guess I am being a Grumpy Kat….
  • Buffoonery: First, can I say that I love this word? Why is it not utilized more? Anyway… I love to take pictures and while looking through my 3k photos on my phone, I realized that I had quite the range of random snaps, downloaded memes, inspirational quotes and even raunchy ridiculous memes all in between all the photos of my rebellious mutts. I was thinking that I wanted to put together a quick movie/slideshow? I guess you could say? That shows some of my pics and randomness that I love and snatched off the interwebs….just to give you a show? So you can see what I find is interesting, I hope you will tell me your thoughts on it!

5 thoughts on “Not So Thriving Thursday

  1. Quinn says:

    First of all, do NOT feel like you are letting anybody down. You owe us nothing! Take care of yourself first and foremost! Secondly, your dogs need a stricter bedtime because 2.30am is insanity – although I’ll probably have to join you in the madhouse of midnight rompings if we ever get our kitten!

    I hope the weekend allows you to reset and reboot stronger and with more energy!

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    • madkatter13 says:

      Thank you Quinn. Yoda best, I appreciate your comment!

      Also, an energetic kitten just may get I to shenanigans in the wee hours too! Which, I cannot wait to hear those stories!! I did get to rest and reboot a bit – feeling more alive! How was your weekend!? ❤️


  2. Cheila says:

    Trazodone is my friend. Nothing wrong with taking medication if you need it. Your body is normal and it functions properly, you just have a few little issues. Some people have it harder than we do. And most people don’t sleep well anyway and they’re too stubborn to take meds. I’d rather take meds and get some hours of sleep than dragging myself around during the day. We missed you, baby! We got super upset with Rosa too because she bit both of us. We were like “bitch, we adopted you, give you food and shelter and love and you bite us? Fuck you!!”

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    • madkatter13 says:

      Thanks Cheila – you just get me. We are totally soul sisters I feel too. I made sure to take my meds and get some good rest this weekend. Full reboot if you will and feeling more human.

      And ROSA!!! Oh no! Hopefully she learned her lesson and felt bad :(. Being a dog owner can be stressful at times when that happens. Your comment had me rolling laughing. GIVE YOU FOOD, SHELTER! ❤️👏🏻 It’s so true


  3. feelingsuicidalblog says:

    Aw, sorry your dogs had you up so much! And I’m really sorry you’ve been so worn out and under all the stress of the workplace. I have fibromyalgia, so when you said so tired your nerve endings felt on fire, I went ‘oh yes, I can relate’…and I’m so sad you’re dealing with that. Hopefully it’s mostly behind you now though!

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