Photo Challenge: Earth

Hi friends 👋🏻!

Today is photo challenge day and thank goodness – I am feeling rather sloth like and my motivation is very low…thanks gloomy Ohio days 😑.

The theme for today’s photo challenge is – Earth. Here are some of my favorites from over the years:


Hostas at my homestead – April 2017

Surprise bulb that I planted last year, not sure what it will be! April 2017

Bus stop walk finds – April 2017

Japanese Maple (?) In my back yard – April 2017

Stormy Weather – Columbus, OH – July 2016


Mantis vs. Bee – August 2014

Maryland – January or February 2014

WNF 2013

Reach for the sky! Wayne National Forrest – September 2013


Fight for Seed! 2013

Whew – how technology helped me :).  Some of my older ones are a little rough but hey, gotta start somewhere! I hope to have many more to share with my new camera and a little better eye 😉.


Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed them and I hope chat with you all again soon!


15 thoughts on “Photo Challenge: Earth

    • madkatter13 says:

      Thank you so much! It was a great capture, I wish it wasn’t on my old cell. I would love to try to catch something similar with my newer camera!

      I just checked out your blog, I love it and look forward to reading more! ♥️


      • sustainabilitea says:

        I have an “older” camera, too, an iPhone 5s, which is what I used for the Yosemite shot. I also had my Nikon with me and was busily shifting from one to the other and changing lenses on the Nikon. 🙂 I hope you enjoy the blog as much as I enjoy doing it.


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