Monday catch up ☕️

Good morning and happy Monday friends!

I have been AWOL & for that I am sorry – it is allergy season and let me tell you – it has been kicking my butt. I slept 90% of Easter Sunday away and was still late to work today.

Let’s see… what has been going on in my life:

  1. NHL blues – while I was sleeping I did get game notifications that I peeked at and my lovely Columbus Blue Jackets lost again and I am sad about it. We really needed the win but.. Here we are *cue ugly cry here*
  2. Spring is in full BLOOM – legit and I am fighting pollen like it’s my job and I’m losing. Antihistamines, inhaler, sleep, no sleep – I look like a constant hungover mess lol. However, I will push through! I love the flowers and blooms and once this initial bloom is over, I will be able to fully enjoy it.
  3. Crossing things off my list – I will be getting a new camera today. I put it on my life list a couple posts back and the time has finally come. I will spoil myself for once and splurge on a good compact for blogging and other ridiculous pictures that I need in my life. Yay!
  4. 29 is still coming – My birthday is less than 2 weeks away, I guess winding up my 20s is still something I need to face – sigh. I am dealing with it by emotional spending on this camera. I know, I know – it is not healthy buuut hey, I deserve it…right?
  5. Sketches – I wrapped up my first sketch and gave it to Caterpillar because it was on folding card for him (so nice right?). He has not said much about it, but I am proud of it. It was of Snorlax (nerd alert), it was huge for me to draw, complete and share it so regardless if he likes it or not – I am proud! I may share it later… I am still on the fence about it lol
  6. Sleep disturbances – Even though I have slept a ton, I am still not sleeping well as I should. I woke up every hour most of the week, I am sure a mix of allergies and whatever my subconscious is fighting is part of it. It all comes to light eventually right?

I think that is about it. How was your weekend? Did you do anything for the Holiday or anything exciting outside of Holiday fun? Let me know!


13 thoughts on “Monday catch up ☕️

  1. Cheila says:

    Oh honey, I’m so sorry you’re having such a hard time with allergies. My mom has the same issue and it’s bad! I hope you get better soon. Antihistamines are shit because they make you sleep like your dead and you’re still sleepy when you get up. I’m glad you’re buying something nice for yourself, it’s well-deserved. I want to send you something nice for your birthday, at least a birthday card!! And we need to skype on that day so I can wish you a happy birthday. I would love to see your drawing, please share with us. Love ya my friend!! xx

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    • madkatter13 says:

      Thanks for the love and health vibes! I have absolutely been dead to the world/zombie mode and cannot wait for it to pass!

      I would LOVE a card and a Skype bday wish! We absolutely need to try to make that happen!!!!! Literally makes me day thinking of it 😄.

      I decided I will share my Snorlax tomorrow – stay tuned! ❤️❤️❤️

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  2. Irene says:

    Allergies suck. So far they are keeping away from me *knock on wood* and I would like it to stay that way! I hope you get some relief. My husband had shots for his and this is the first year they aren’t bothering him at all. We had a busy long weekend here. Our guests just left- my hubby just went back to Kentucky (he’s working there for several months so he only comes home every couple of weeks) it sucks- but it is temporary. The house is so quiet- even the kids are mellow today. Thank goodness for a short week! I am already looking forward to the weekend! LOL Let’s see those sketches!!!!!!!! 😉

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    • madkatter13 says:

      Yes they do! I hope they stay away from you as well – I would hate for you to be suffering as well! I was thinking about asking about the shots, I have heard nothing but good things about them.

      Oh your house does sound quiet! Perhaps it was nice for a bit after such a busy weekend?

      It does such that your husband is away working for so long and with few visits! You are one tough lady and deserves a little rest too ❤️❤️❤️


  3. Quinn says:

    Share iiiiiiit! I love Snorlax! Also, what camera are you getting? I had a great weekend but ten minutes ago I stepped off the bus and my paper shopping bag split and all the stuff I’d just bought just…. smashed everywhere in a massive bang that practically broke the sound barrier.

    A nice man from a house across the street heard the noise and came running over to the rescue with a plastic bag though, so it wasn’t all bad!

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    • madkatter13 says:

      Hello lovely Quinn!!! I have decided that I will share my Snorlax tomorrow! I have had nothing but support so I will unveil him and all his round glory (and few mistakes …And smudges….It’s fine! I will be a pro again in no time).

      Oh no!! So sorry to hear about the shopping bag!!! 😭😭 That sounds awful and also something that would happen to me for sure.

      Bless that heroic man across the street and his plastic bag! I hope your day for better love! ❤️

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  4. Buffy Devane says:

    I’m sorry you’ve not been well, Katrina… but you’re in company as I’ve also been unwell this long weekend (virus) and I’ll be spending most of the week catching up, I think. 😮

    For what it’s worth, though, I very much hope that, sketch-wise, you get off that fence. 😀

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    • madkatter13 says:

      Thanks for the well wishes! I am sending you all the healthy vibes as well! Viruses are the worst, there is just nothing you can do about them 🙁.

      I hope you’re resting and recoving well (and super fast). I plan to unveil my first very rough sketch tomorrow – ugh. Nervous about it but Snorlax and all his round glory (despite a few mistakes and smudges) should see the world 😂.

      Hope to chat again soon! ❤️

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      • Buffy Devane says:

        Thank you — I’m still not 100% but I started very early this morning on ‘catching up’ so it’s going OK!
        Ah yes, lovely to chat… speak soon… will keep my eyes open for your sketch, very rough or not. 😉


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