Oh fabulous weekend ❤️ here are some more fun facts!

Hello friends! I hope you all are having a great weekend so far! 
I made it – whew. This week has been a blur as you can imagine but I feel like things should be on the up and up… I hope.

I want to do something a little lighter today so I am going to take on a Fun Fact post – so you can continue to learn a little more about me (sorry if there are repeats)!
-I am the youngest of my siblings & the only girl

-I love the ocean, but hate being in the water

-I have only recently started dipping my fries into ketchup

-I was originally diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder when I was 16. Lets not forget those little fun mental issue sprinkles of Depression & Adjustment Disorders in there too lol

-Walks in nature is the most calming and re-energizing hobby of mine;

-I attempted to draw for the first time in years last night…it was a disaster and I need to work on bringing my skill set back

-The one time I visited Washington D.C. I was attacked by a raging, confident, asshole bird…that stole a fry out of my hand about an inch away from my mouth. The little avian bastard was fierce and swift. Since then, I have had trust issues with my feathered friends…and the Lincoln Memorial is trigger for said PTSD. I love watching them from a distance though…

-About a year later, I was also attacked by a flamingo named Chief at the Zoo, I think he smelled the fear on me

-Red pandas are my spirit animal I feel

-Puns make me laugh harder than anything else in this world

-I have a hard time finishing projects

-I am a single home owner

-Animal lover of course

-Taurus & INFJ which apparently results in what my peers describe as a “very stubborn gal”

-I love learning – I will get lost in the rabbit hole of resources when I discover something new and appealing to me

-I wear scarves all year long 

-I love watching hockey and taking skating/hockey lessons is on my bucket list 

-I have only traveled out of the country twice – to Canada of course and Mexico 

-The simple things mean the most to me 

Thanks for reading and a learning little more about me :). Sending everyone happiness and love. 


7 thoughts on “Oh fabulous weekend ❤️ here are some more fun facts!

  1. Quinn says:

    I would LOVE to learn how to play ice hockey. I played field hockey in school so I have some of the skills required? Unfortunately ice rinks aren’t exactly thick on the ground here in Ireland…..

    Liked by 1 person

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