What does anxiety feel like?

Hello friends 🙂

Things have calmed a little on my end. I have nothing really new to report. After having a two day spat, I’m trying to take in the good. 

Anyway, with this past week – I have struggled with my anxiety and insomnia a great deal. One of my friends had asked “what does your anxiety attacks feel like?” Or essentially, how do I feel when I have these rough patches if you will. I reflected in how I was feeling and this is how I explained it:

My chest feels tore open, set a flame that spreads up to my neck. Nausea takes over and I cannot eat. I also have short breath and lightheadedness. 

How do you describe your experiences with extreme anxiety? I try my best to use breathing techniques but it’s difficult when it gets to that level. 

Tonight’s post is short and sweet, hopefully after a good night of trazodone induced sleep – I will be back full swing. 

Thanks for stopping by and for all your support, love and advice this last week. 


15 thoughts on “What does anxiety feel like?

  1. When I have a panic attack, it feels like my chest turns into a black hole that is sucking everything out of me; I can’t take a proper, full breath, my body starts to tremble and my mind doesn’t know if it wants me to be mad, sad, or worried so it turns into a combination, usually with uncontrollable crying. Along with breathing I try to focus my mind on one thing completely, whether its the rhythm of how I’m bouncing my leg while I sit, or tap my finger on my leg or arm. It sounds strange, but as long as I am redirecting my mind and not dwelling on what causes my attack, I slowly get out of it.

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    • Your description of an anxiety attack sounds a lot like how mine play out when I’m really struggling (which is usually because of my chronic pain being bad). Your self-distraction method is really interesting. I was just writing about my own experience on my blog, and among other things that helped was biofeedback.

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  2. explained perfectly! hope things get a little better for you xo

    *delete if not allowed*

    but hey, I am a new blogger and looking for people to have a read of my first blog, please have a look and like and comment too! thanks xx

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  3. So sorry about how tough your struggle with anxiety is. I hear many things I’ve dealt with myself in what you described; it’s no fun, is it? My stress and anxiety connect to chronic pain, yet I think even without the pain I still would have struggled with the anxiety! I just wrote a post about my own struggle, and was looking around to see who else out there was dealing with anxiety too. And here I see people who know what I’m talking about! It’s nice to at least be understood, isn’t it?

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