Jury duty, pollen and rants! 

Hello friends! It’s been a few days and I miss you all! 

The only luck that I apparently have is for the draw of jury duty ….And even selected! It was an interesting experience to say the least and I would surprisingly be happy to do it again :). This is why I have gone AWOL annnnd because my allergies are now kicking my butt. 

Dear Spring: I have a love hate relationship with you. You provide me with vitamin D and happiness that I need!! However, the pollen that you throw in my face makes me look like a crazy person. I’m pretty sure that I have frightened children on the street because my eyes are watering, they are red and I just have an overall “crazy” look haha. I will push through 🙂 and dammit someone will love me. 

Speaking of love – Oyi. My heart. Things were going well with Caterpillar. I believe I annoyed him Sunday/Monday and I haven’t really heard anything since.  Granted,we have taken some days apart if you will, especially when life gets stressful. Let’s be honest, I don’t handle stress well, he doesn’t either and well….Most people haha. Better to take a breather right!? Eh. So I guess I’m just asking for good vibes here. Please send them our way! 

How do you handle your rough patches with your other? If you have anxiety, do you try to do anything different or extra? 

I’m also willing to listen to some life tips or hacks! ☺️

Humm. Let me see…I have been eating breakfast which is huge for me. I typically skip it, since Cheila has been crushing it lately with her selfcare, it inspired me – big round of applause for her!! It’s kinda silly that I often neglect my  body, even down to the basic level of breakfast. I have also been watching what I eat and been making better choices. I haven’t ordered pizza once this week! They are probably worries out me…. Perhaps I should send them an “I’m not dead” card 😂.  Humm.  

I hope everyone has a beautiful day and hope to hear from you! 


3 thoughts on “Jury duty, pollen and rants! 

  1. Quinn says:

    The only time I was picked for jury duty I was in the middle of exam time, so was excused! As far as anxiety goes… my advice probably isn’t too healthy; snuggle in a duvet, be gentle on yourself and eat healthy! Also go for a walk if you can muster the energy


  2. Cheila says:

    Oh dear Katrina, I’m so happy you felt inspired and decided to start taking care of yourself. I’m really honored I was the inspiration. Will you be doing more changes? Do you feel batter eating breakfast? I want to know every thing!!!


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