Do you believe in soulmates? 

Hello all! 

Sorry I have been away for a couple days, I ended up with a stomach bug 🤢😰 and just now feeling human! 

So today’s post is something that has been in the back of my mind for the past few days. My friend and I were on the phone catching up on life and of course, relationships came up. She asked me a very interesting question: 

Do I believe in soulmates? 

I thought about it for a minute and replied, “no.”

Now, before you gasp or think “wow this gal is jaded!” Or maybe you’re agreeing with me – sorry for jumping there! 

To me “soulmates” have been made up through media as you two meet, fall in love immediately, frolic through a meadow of fabulous flowers, never fight, never disagree, get married, everyone is happy, healthy and live happily ever after – without a bump in the road. Everything is just “perfect.”

Let’s be honest, humans are messy. Life is very messy and it seems to only get more complicated as the years go by…or as I continue through adult life. 

I continued on with my friend – stating that: we as humans are so complex, we all differ, handle stress differently, come from all sorts of backgrounds and always learning. Life is not skipping through roses hand in hand. Ideally, we just want someone who is not going to give up on us. Someone who is on your team no matter what life throws at both of you.

This chat also reminded me of another conversation that I had with my married friend. Some random weekend chatter between gals, she came out and said that she felt that she and her then fiancé were not perfect, but they made a great team. 

At that time I felt, wow that is not quite romance haha.  The more I thought of it over the years and with the recent soulmate chat – while not sprinkled with romance, it was real and true. 

Now don’t get me wrong, give a gal some romance every now and again – sure. However, at the end of the day, in our messy lives, or time of crisis or pain – even if the person may quirks that drive you nuts most days – if they prove to be next to you at the end of those crappy days, battling with you or someone who helps make a plan when you cannot even think…a perfect life teammate if you will. That is what you need. 

Perhaps that is a soulmate, just my version. 

What are your thoughts on this? Do you have a story or idea that may change my mind? Or do you agree? 

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! Keep an eye on my page, I will be posting again later tonight or this weekend as well! 

10 thoughts on “Do you believe in soulmates? 

  1. iiwyg says:

    I do believe in soulmates but my definition is the same as yours. There are also people in my life I refer to as “kindred spirits” who have a role similar to a soul mate but without the romance/intimacy.

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  2. chaos-xd says:

    Of course you’re version of soulmate is much more realistic and it’s definitely not “being the perfect couple”
    But for me.. it seems like something impossibly hard to do is find someone who would genuinely put up with another persons mess!
    Most of ya’ll will probably disagree. 😏

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  3. Quinn says:

    I don’t believe in soulmates – I don’t believe that there is one kindred spirit out there just waiting to meet you. I think there are billions of people in this world and we’re all like individual puzzle pieces bumbling around the world. Every so often you find someone who fits your edges.

    I definitely think that for me, Scrubs is my teammate. My ride-or-die. My adventure buddy. Maybe that doesn’t sound very romantic… I don’t mean we don’t have flowers and kisses and all that, but more than that we have laughs. We have each others’ back. It’s definitely the most healthy relationship I’ve ever been in – it makes both of us better people, I think.

    Maybe it’s different for different people, but I’ve definitely reffered to Scrubs as my teammate to people before and I think it’s a good way to think of your partner, because relationships require teamwork. Much like a group project, you need equal amounts of participation. Whatever way that breaks down, you need effort from everyone involved, otherwise one person is just dragging the other along and that doesn’t work… Ends up in insecurity and resentment and all sorts of not healthy stuff. So you need a teammate who, whatever they’re contributing (might be something much different than you), contributes something decent to the team!

    Now I’m rambling. This was an interesting post!

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  4. Dav says:

    I want to say emphatically that I DO NOT believe in soulmates. I know there are certain people who may be more compatible with one another, but to say they’re the “one and only” is a huge overstep! This is a great idea, but I think people invent the term so they can rationalize the relationship they’re in. Yes, some relationships are so good that it may feel that way, but nope.

    If you want to get into the religious/spiritual side of it (and I know you do), we have been given the right to choose our own path and to think that we are pre-matched with a significant other- wouldn’t that take away our freedom of choice? Ok. That got deep. So sorry. But no… there is no such thing as a soulmate. I’ll let you know if I find mine and change my stance.


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